Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Email to Clarence Page on Julian Assange

Clarence, nice post on defending Julian Assange as a journalist, which of course he is (What is a journalist? Don't let the government decide, Trib June 5). 

Couple of nits to pick. Calling Assange an "often disturbingly and even dangerously freewheeling example of the breed"  is both unnecessary and hurtful to the defense you so admirably present on his behalf. Are you concerned you'll incur the wrath of your readers and editors if you don't include the standard mainstream media disclaimer Assange is not a good journalist; indeed, an unworthy person as well. I wish Trib journalists had been as dangerously freewheeling as Assange when they failed to vet Bush administration lies that got several hundred thousand dead, including 4,497 GI's in our criminal Iraq war.  You folks didn't do your job then and you're not doing it now giving an endless pass to US perpetual wars in the Middle East and Africa. 

Second, ending your piece with "Assange may fall way short of being a model journalist" is simply not true and further supports the mainstream thesis that he is somehow beneath the decency and competency of the journalistic establishment.

By all means defend Julian Assange as the journalist he is. But please drop the disclaimers. 

Walt Zlotow
Glen Ellyn 


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