Friday, August 02, 2019

2 year budget: victory for war party, defeat for American viability

The two year budget passed by a bi-partisan Congress allocates 54.7% of all discretionary federal expenditures to national defense. That amounts to $1.478 trillion out of $2.7 trillion for fiscal 2020 and 2021. House Democrats signed on to the Trump administration deal because it provided a pittance of $27 billion more for domestic programs, even tho it both explodes the deficit and lavishes more precious treasure on the Pentagon than it requested. For Trump, the deal was strictly a matter of endless riches for the military, who can never get enough.
Under Trump, Republican deficit hawks turned into zombies. Their hair was on fire during Obama's administration tho it reduced the deficit an average of 11% after the critically needed first year stimulus. But they're mute while Trump's deficit has increased 15% so far with a 23% increase this year alone due to the 'Give it all to the rich' tax cuts.
This is how great nations decline; not with a bang, just a yawn as deficits soar to feed ravenous military hunger while the people's work is ignored.


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