Tuesday, August 20, 2019

On assault weapon ban it's Democrats 200 to 1 over GOP

Anyone who doesn't believe the GOP is controlled by the NRA just needs a tally sheet on House Bill H.R. 5087, the Assault Weapons Ban of 2019. It bans the manufacture, sale, import, transfer and possession of semi-automatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition clips. Introduced by Rhode Island Democrat David Cicilline, it garnered 200 Democratic co-sponsored, and not single Republican. Finally, after 2 gun slaughters in 2 days, a lone Republican, Pete King of NY, signed on. The GOP is apparently taking its cue from the President who meekly tweeted for 'some form of gun control' after the carnage, than backed off saying "There' no political appetite for an assault weapons ban". Really, Mr. President? Seven in ten voters want it including two-thirds of GOP women. Trump and the GOP, in lockstep, stock and barrel with the NRA...and America's endless gun bloodbath.


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