Saturday, June 22, 2019

Trump bombing restraint delays inevitable war with Iran

Let's all extend one hand clapping for Trump's last minute cancellation of airstrikes against Iran for its likely justified shootdown of a $100 million dollar unmanned drone near its border. Justified because the US offered no evidence its drone was outside Iranian airspace while Iran released coordinates showing it was well inside. International law allows such shootdowns, something the the US would have down reflexively had the situation been reversed. Trump's claim he cancelled to save 150 innocent lives (his estimate) rings hollow. He was ecstatic after firing 60 missiles on Syria in April, 2017, and double that number a year later on completely unproven charges Syria used chemical weapons on its opponents in their ongoing civil war. Meanwhile we're dropping bombs daily on at least 7 other countries in the Middle East and Africa, killing untold multiples of those 150 Iranians yearly Trump claimed his conscience kept him from sending to Kingdom Come.
Trump likely didn't feel a massive retaliation for the measly drone shootdown would play well on the world stage. Clearly the US is maneuvering to goad Iran into a more dramatic action which will trigger the war he, his hawkish advisers and our major allies Saudi Arabia and Israel are lusting for. The US has already declared diplomatic and economic war on Iran by tearing up the 5 + 1 nuclear agreement and imposing drastic sanctions crippling their economy. If another country did that to the US they'd be pulverized withing days if not hours.
Iranian leaders look to their former rival Iraq, now an ally thanks to America's 2003 criminal invasion, and realize time is running out on their effort to survive the bulls eye Uncle Sam has placed over them. And unless we all push back against looming war with's running out for America and the world as well.


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