Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Locked and loaded against Iran... and another US soldier killed in Afghanistan

Trump trudged out his favorite war scare tactic yesterday saying US is "locked and loaded" for possible military response against Iran for Saturday's drone bombing that devastated Saudi Arabia's oil industry. Wait, wait, it was the Yemenite Houthi rebels who claimed responsibility for the bombing while Iran denied involvement. The Houthis have been bombed to smithereens by Saudi Arabia for four years now (with US help) but the world's first and third most powerful militarys can't defeat them. In fact, it's the Saudis pushed back on their heels. Either way, it's not our fight, but Trump and many in US war party are just itching to take out Iran, latest target of US regime change policy.
Just 2 days after the Saudi bombing the 17th US soldier was killed in our 18 year long failed Afghan war. That's 3 more than last year with a hundred days to go.
Welcome to perpetual war America is conducting round the world. 


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