Sunday, June 23, 2019

The loudest drunk in the bar

President Trump reminds me of the loudest drunk in the bar. He's petulant, brags incessantly, offers smug, insulting nicknames for his rivals, makes outlandish policy statements; then either forgets he ever said them, claims he never said them or simply does the opposite. He appears only happy when he's leading the chorus of his fearful, hateful, know nothing followers at incendiary rallies. His braggadocio and false bravado disgraces himself and humiliates our country with virtually every utterance. 

The irony is Trump's a lifelong teetotaler, the first and only of the 44 men who served as president. His reason is laudable; he saw his beloved brother Freddie die at 42 of alcoholism. Trump resolved to never even try booze. "If you don't start you're never going have a problem. If you do start you might have a problem. And it's a tough problem to stop."

Alas, teetotaler Trump is worse than the loudest drunk in a bar. Such a lout, if he awoke from a hangover to find himself master of the White House, would immediately shut his mouth and defer to wise men and women responsible for his doing as little damage as possible. 


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