Saturday, October 23, 2021

Rahm's still shedding crocodile tears over Laquan McDonald killing

In his Senate testimony at his confirmation hearing to become Ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emmanuel got emotional when questioned about the Laquan McDonald murder that he helped cover up.
“There’s not a day or a week that has gone by in the last seven years that I haven’t thought about this and thought about it.”
Then he quickly pivoted the standard defense for not acting sooner to bring McDonald's killer to justice.
“As you know there’s a long-standing protocol and practice that nothing’s released in the middle of an investigation for fear of either prejudicing a witness or endangering a prosecution. That was the practice, long-standing, not just in Chicago but across the country,”
What Emmanuel didn't reveal was that his police and law departments quickly paid off the McDonald family and delayed taking action for 13 months, allowing Emmanuel to get re-elected. Then when citizen action forced release of the murder in plain sight, voila....his killer was arrested and charged, which could and should have come within weeks if not days.
The tears flowing in the community, the city and around the nation were real. Rahm's weren't then or now.

Peace Coalition to tackle U.S. China relations at Nov. 16 Educational Forum

Those oblivious to U.S. provocations with China, and China’s response, would be well served by attending the Nov 16 Educational Forum of the West Suburban Peace Coalition. That is because the current bellicose U.S. policy toward China may represent the most dangerous tripwire for war between these two nuclear giants. What makes current relations so distressing is that together, China and the U.S. account for 42% of worldwide fossil fuel consumption. Unless these two economic behemoths figure out a way to cooperate on combating climate change instead of military bluster, they won’t have a very livable planet to fight over.
Our guest speaker is Duncan McFarland, an antiwar, peace and social justice activist for 7 decades. His focus is U.S. China relations which he’s acquired from numerous trips to China. Since 2001 Duncan has served on the planning group of a Boston area United for Justice with Peace affiliate opposing U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. His articles have appeared in People's World, Portside, US-China Review and the newsletter of Massachusetts Peace Action. In 2021 he edited the book ‘A China Reader’, Changemaker Publications.
The ‘U.S. China Relations’ program will be held Tuesday, November 16, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM Chicago time via Zoom. Contact Walt Zlotow, for the Zoom link.
Peace, if not now…when?

Friday, October 22, 2021

Cold War with China represents 2 existential threats to human survival

The 2 existential threats to human survival are nuclear war and climate destruction. By ramping up its new Cold War against China, the U.S. increases both threats.  


The most ominous is nuclear war. Tho its 350 nukes pail to America’s 5,500, we can’t rule out their use by both sides if war breaks out. Last nite in his CNN Town Hall, President Biden reiterated his commitment to go to Taiwan’s defense if China attacks. He didn’t mention how this is required by America’s national security interests because there are none. Beginning with Trump and continuing with Biden, the U.S. has abandoned its ‘strategic ambiguity’ regarding Taiwan’s defense which made unclear whether we’d go to war over Taiwan. No more. Combined with America’s endless military provocations in China’s neighborhood, it’s no wonder the chances of war are rising.  


But simply avoiding nuclear winter is not enough. Unless the U.S. and China stop their schoolyard bluster and start cooperating, Mother Earth faces existential destruction from climate change. That’s because together, China and the U.S. product 42% of fossil fuel consumption. Even if all other 193 countries comply with carbon emission reduction guidelines, it will not be enough to offset that of the world’s two most gluttonous fossil fuel emitters.      


We must push back against the continuity in American governance that demands we compete rather than cooperate with China to win the battle of the 21st century. Unless we do, it will be a pyrrhic victory, with the winner inheriting a world demolished by nuclear winter or uninhabitable summer.  


Think about that Mr. Biden the next time you beat the war drums, both economically and militarily, with China.   

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Nation’s cops riding Trump’s demagoguery to early death, public disruption.

It Donald Trump never existed, many if not most of the 460 cops killed by covid would still be serving and protecting. And Chicago Federation of Police (FOP) head John Cantanzara would not be threatening an illegal police sick out of up to 50% of cops patrolling Chicago’s shooting gallery this weekend.
Trump’s peculiar hold over most of his 75 million voters is most starkly exemplified by their adherence that pandemic is being exploited by Democrats to end democracy in America. Mask and especially vaccination mandates, in their adoring Trumpian view, have nothing to do with public health and everything to do with authoritarian control.
Nowhere does this detachment from political and social reality cause more harm than police rank and file, inspired by their union leaders, to refuse vaccination or even providing vaccination information to public officials.
The police, overall, idolize Trump. When he campaigned to ‘beat the shit out of anti-Trump demonstrators, and told police chiefs to ‘rough up’ bad guys being shoved into police cars, they roared their approval. As a cop I know informed me, “Trump has my back; Obama’s trying to get me killed.”
Chicago FOP chief John Cantanzara is among the worst in exploiting Trumpian demagoguery to gain notoriety and power within the police community. Fortunately, Chicago Mayor Lorrie Lightfoot, who doesn’t suffer demagogues lightly, sued Cantanzara and secured a Cook County judge to issue a restraining order against Cantanzara’s public safety threatening comments.
It wasn’t just the last year of Trump’s presidency that greatly expanded U.S. covid deaths. He’s still egging on his supporters to resist federal, state and local efforts to reduce our horrific death toll of 744,000. He’s being joined by mayors, governors, school boards and police union chiefs like John Cantanzara; all stoking fear and loathing of sensible pandemic stifling policies. They may not be bullets….but Cantanzara’s words, inspired by Trump, put his minions’ lives at risk.

The top of Powell’s trailblazing resume

Colin Powell died yesterday at 84 from covid. He had an astonishing 47 year career in the military and government. He was a trailblazer; first black to rise to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Advisor, Secretary of State. At his retirement in 1993 he was among the most, if not the most, popular public figures for his straightforward blunt talk, leadership qualities and believability.

Sadly, it was that believability that caused him to make the biggest mistake ever made by a revered U.S. public figure. In 2003, the George W. Bush Administration was struggling to sell their impending criminal Iraq war to U.S. and world public opinion. Anyone with an iota of common sense and decency saw thru the blizzard of lies.
So George W. Bush and his ferocious war cabinet of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice, tapped Powel to present the faked evidence of Iraqi WMD programs before the world community at the UN. On February 5, 2003, Powell’s dramatic, sincere sounding, but utterly false testimony sealed the deal, forcing enough war skeptics off the fence and onto the march to ‘Shock and Awe.’
Had Powell not only refused to shill for a criminal war, but resigned with a public statement of condemnation, the war would almost certainly not occurred. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, over 5,000 U.S. military troops and civilian contractors, and trillions of dollars would have been saved.
In a way, it’s not surprising Powell dutifully ‘followed orders’ to grease the wheels of war. He used his 2 tours of duty in Vietnam, another totally unnecessary war, to begin his meteoric rise in military and government. As Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1989, he was key architect of the unnecessary Panama War, which killed over 500 Panamanian civilians along with 26 Americans. Powell’s efforts allowed the George H.W. Bush Administration to claim we’d ‘thrown off’ U.S. defeatism following our devastating loss in Vietnam.
Powell ultimately and publicly regretted his fatal flaw that allowed a monstrous war to go forward. Much of Powell’s obituary will focus on his storied career. But for me, his enabling of the Iraq war goes to the top in my remembrance.

Unlikely supporter

Chicago Federation of Police president John Cantanzara sure has a lot of sway over his membership. His minions lead all other city departments in risking time off without pay for refusing to comply with city vaccination mandates. Over a third of Chicago's Blue Crew failed to update their vaccination status and are now subject to disciplinary action.
Gee, I didn't know Cantanzara was such a rabid supporter of 'Defund The Police.'

Peace Coalition hears case for No First Use of nuclear weapons

Local peace and social justice advocate David Borris discussed the urgent need for the U.S. to sign on to No First Use of nuclear weapons at the West Suburban Peace Coalition’s Educational Forum Tuesday.

Borris, who serves as Board Chair for CAPA, Chicago Area Peace Action, has made No First Use the focus of anti-nuclear efforts to control, reduce, eliminate the greatest threat to human survival.

No First Use is simply the pledge of nuclear powers to never initiate nuclear weapons in any foreign dispute. Only two of 9 nuclear powers, China and India, have taken the pledge. The U.S., which kicked off nuclear attack 76 years ago, leveling 2 Japanese cities, refuses to give up that advantage.

On January 11, 2017, then VP Joe Biden advocated the U.S. adopt No First Use with these hopeful words:

“Given our nonnuclear capabilities and the nature of today’s threats, it’s hard to envision a plausible scenario in which the first use of nuclear weapons by the United States would be necessary or make sense. The next administration will put forward its own policies. But President Obama and I are confident we can deter and defend ourselves and our allies against nonnuclear threats through other means.”

Alas, given the chance to implement No First Use as president, Biden has been ominously silent in his first 9 months.

Borris offered a substantive reason for U.S. approval besides reassuring a troubled world of no first use by Uncle Sam. America’s 400 land based ICBM silos out west, which effectively can only be used for offensive nuclear war, would be rendered irrelevant should we take the pledge. That would begin the discussion of reducing, rather than increasing our nuclear arsenal. It would also save the quarter trillion earmarked to replace the ancient ICBM’s over the next decade.

Borris closed with a plea to keep hope alive that Biden will remember his January 11, 2017 remarks and finally take the pledge. Say it’s so, Joe.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Trillions for perpetual war…not 2 cents for infrastructure

The two cents for infrastructure is hyperbole. We may get upwards of a trillion dollars to peck away at our woefully inadequate infrastructure over the next decade.
But the trillions for perpetual war is dead on. The Congressional Budget Office reports that at current levels we’ll spend $7.3 trillion over that same decade. It’s concerned enough about this gargantuan windfall to the weapons makers and military suppliers that it recommends lopping a cool trillion off this gargantuan boondoggle to endless war.
It’s not just pulling that trillion out of thin air. The specifics include a cross the board 20% reduction in all armed services, cancelling unneeded, wildly expensive weapons programs like a new generation of ground based ICBM’s and the proposed B-21 bomber.
All Republicans and a handful of Democrats in Congress are agonizing about $3.5 trillion over the next 10 years for drastically needed infrastructure. Even $3.5 trillion may not be enough to prevent the vaunted American economy from becoming an also ran. But mention national defense, which more accurately is national offense, maintaining military interventions all over the Middle East and Africa, and they green light spending trillions without a thought or a care.
To paraphrase a common meme, ‘Perpetual war talks…and infrastructure walks."

Uncle Sam to starving Syrians: ‘No food for you’

Tomorrow, October 15, will mark 10 years, 7 months for Syria’s civil war. That would be like the U.S. Civil War still pitting brother against brother on November 12, 1871.
It’s among the worst civil wars in my 77 years. Over a half million dead, 7 million refugees, 7 million displaced within Syria.
Right from the get-go, America was rooting for and assisting the insurgents to oust authoritarian Syrian president Basher Assad. He was a buddy of our bête noir, Iran, a country we’ve been seeking regime change for decades. In American diplomacy that is grounds for regime change.
Sanctions, bombings and massive aid to insurgents, many of whom aligned with anti-U.S. terrorists, have failed to oust Assad for 11 years now.
In spite of failure, we keep on keeping on. 11 years is nothing compared to our 62 years of failed efforts to oust the commies running Cuba.
But we should all feel revulsion our government has contributed greatly to the suffering and death of millions of innocent Syrians. From Obama to Trump to Biden, America’s deadly cruelty continues seamlessly.
This week U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken reiterated the U.S. will continue to oppose Syria’s reconstruction and “won’t lift a single sanction unless there is regime change in Syria.” On top of sanctions, the U.S. maintains 900 troops to illegally keep Syria’s oil fields from their rightful Syrian owners. America’s economic warfare is worsening Syria food shortages placing over 12 million Syrians at risk of starvation.
In a stupendous bit of chutzpah, America claims it’s the gatekeeper of the ‘rules based world order.’ We may no longer be bombing Syria, but our rules based world order is killing Syrians quietly in the silence of their homes. That concept of a rules based world order is simple depravity.

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

TPNW: The treaty that in the U.S. dare not speaks its name

Sunday, September 26, could be an historic day for mankind to step back from the brink of nuclear destruction. The UN celebrates it as The International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. It stems from the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), the worldwide UN treaty that prohibits “the development, testing, production, stockpiling, stationing, transfer, use and threat of use of nuclear weapons, as well as assistance and encouragement to the prohibited activities.” It is the first legally binding international agreement to comprehensively prohibit nuclear weapons with the ultimate goal being their total elimination.
Should a nuclear armed state ratify, it provides for a time-bound framework for negotiations leading to the verified and irreversible elimination of it nuclear weapons program.
The UN ratified TPNW 122-1 on July 7, 2017. It required ratification by 50 countries to become effective. That occurred January 22, 2021, 90 days after 50th ratifier Honduras, inked its approval. Six more countries have ratified since. Thirty-six other signatories are awaiting ratification.
Alas, TPNW is only binding on countries that ratify. The U.S., all other 8 nuclear powers and all the non-nuclear NATO nations boycotted the Treaty negotiations at the UN, and refused to sign onto or ratify it after its UN passage. The U.S. and its nuclear compatriots are now international outliers in the effort to prevent Nuclear Winter. Instead of leading the cause of denuclearization, the U.S. is leading in nuclear proliferation
U.S military, the nuclear weapons makers, the national security establishment, all current and former presidents and most congresspersons oppose U.S. treaty membership. That makes U.S. denuclearization a daunting task. So powerful is the effort to prevent the U.S. from joining in, U.S. media has largely ignored it; hence its sobriquet ‘The Treaty That Dare Not Speak Its Name.’
But a tiny congressional faction of 11, led by DC Representative Eleanor Norton, has proposed a law in 2019, “The Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act of 2019” requiring the U.S. to join.
September 26 is a day that every American should be aware of and demand their congresspersons sign on to Rep. Norton’s bill for America to join TPNW. Instead of the treaty that dare not speaks its name, TPNW should be the law of the land.

750 overseas bases not enough for Uncle Sam

Our dear ol’ Uncle Sam can’t get enough military bases even tho they exceed 750 in 80 countries (not including the ones we don’t know about.
Since the end of WWII when America became the strongest country ever, he’s been collecting military bases faster than William Randolph Hearst collected art treasures for Sam Simeon.
Seventy-six years after defeating Germany and Japan, America still has 119 bases in those now allies. The combined military bases of the UK, France, Russia and Turkey total only 200, less than a third of the U.S.
But while we’ve encircled our 21st century imaginary rival China with numerous bases, China has the staggering worldwide total of just…5.
America squanders $55 billion yearly to maintain those 750 bases. That’s more than the budget of our entire State Department, clearly demonstrating the U.S. prefers military bluster to diplomacy.
U.S. military bases likely do more harm than good in protecting the homeland. They block the spread of democracy in 38 non-democratic nations as we help maintain the status quo there to ensure their safety. They do environmental harm, damage America’s reputation among the masses by their very presence, create crime; even were part of the motivation for the 911 attacks.
But rather than shedding this utter waste of valuable treasure, Uncle Sam is on a buying spree, teaming up with Far East ally Australia to develop 4 new bases in Northern Australia against this decades’ bête noir China. Australian National Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warned “The drums of war were beating amid growing tensions on the global stage."
When Citizen Hearst was going bankrupt during the Depression, his creditors forced him to auction off his 15,000 piece art collection. It took up two floors of a New York department store. Alas, there are no U.S. creditors powerful enough, and no department store big enough to force Uncle Sam to begin liquidating his collection of military bases spread out over 80 countries on 6 continents.
The ‘drums of war’ may be beating, but it’s Uncle Sam’s pounding on them like a frenzied Gene Krupa.

Benet Academy chancellor Abbot Austin Murphy sure is deeply troubled

When it comes to navigating the Catholic Church into the 21st century of moral enlightenment, high ranking church officials keep rowing in the opposite direction.
Benet Academy’s school board quickly reversed their tone deaf decision to withdraw the coaching offer to a superb candidate when they discovered she was gay, after over 4,000 students, alums and parents demanded her hiring. The board cruelly withdrew the job offer without explanation to the candidate or the Benet community.
But just a week later, Benet chancellor Abbot Austin Murphy of St. Procopius Abbey, which founded and helps run the Lisle, IL school, issued a statement saying he was “deeply troubled” the hiring decision raises the question of whether the public lives of Catholic school employees should follow the church's moral teaching. He’s decided to pray for spiritual guidance on how to proceed.
Apparently, Chancellor Murphy hasn’t gotten the message that the vast majority of practicing Catholics; indeed all Americans, have moved on from the dark days of fear and loathing of homosexuality.
He does, however, realize he’s on thin ice with the direction of Catholicism and religion in general stating, "Disagreements about the morality of homosexual acts should not be construed as hate."
It’s not hate that concerns those of us disappointed a high ranking Catholic educator would factor one’s sexuality into the hiring process. It’s simply ignorance of human nature and failure to recognize the mission of any religion should be honor, indeed celebrate diversity rather than use it as litmus test to keep talented people from fulfilling their dreams.
Abbot Austin Murphy should be deeply troubled, not about having a gay person coach his lacrosse girls, but by his own deeply flawed approach to judging those he accepts into his community. Let’s hope his prayers lead him to the enlightenment he has so far avoided.

Gov. DeSantis’ George Wallace moment

A news junkie for eight decades now, starting in the Eisenhower 50’s, I’ve come to detect recurring patterns in the great circus of American politics.
The other day I had one of those déjà vu moments, when I heard Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis railing against federally mandated covid restrictions trying to keep U.S. covid deaths under a million. DeSantis gave a carefully scripted announcement telling the feds, “If you come after the rights of parents in Florida…I’m standing in your way”. “If you come…” repeated 3 times with slightly different variations on the ‘feds are evil, states are supreme’ demagoguery.
The memory chip in my brain transported me back to June 11, 1963, when a 20th century demagogue actually did stand between the feds, trying to integrate the University of Alabama, and Alabama’s lily white university. That was Alabama Gov. George Wallace, who knew his school house door theatrics would fail but were designed to solidify his support from his all white Alabama base.
Likewise for Gov. DeSantis, who also bears an eerie likeness and sound to his 20th century mentor. Wallace parlayed his white populist appeal to a surprising run for the presidency in 1968, garnering nearly 10 million votes (13.6%) and 46 electoral votes in 6 southern states. Outside the South, Wallace made strong showings in white working class enclaves in the North. Wallace looked to increase his popularity outside the South in ’72 till struck down by Arthur Bremer’s attempted assassination May 15 while campaigning.
DeSantis’ demagoguery is getting the Floridians he’s sworn to protect, infected, some of whom die. But there is not a hint of remorse as he rolls out his pledge to stand between Uncle Sam and their health. He clearly has a loftier ambition than their welfare…the GOP presidential nod in ’24. But DeSantis has a problem. For those of us tortured listening to both, he’s no George Wallace. He’s not even a Donald Trump.

October 7 another Day of Infamy?

This Thursday, October 7 marks the 20th anniversary of America’s perpetual wars when we attacked Afghanistan following the September 11 attacks.
Our mission there was to bomb the terrorist camps and get out, not invade and take over the entire country. A further mission was to follow the numerous ties of the terrorist network involved to their source, Saudi Arabia, and hold them accountable.
But instead, we gave Saudi Arabia a complete pass so thorough we suppressed for years 28 pages in the Congressional 911 report that connected the Saudis to the attacks. Relatives of 911 victims suing the Saudis continue to be stonewalled by the U.S. government.
The Bush Administration, in a deadly sleight of hand, pivoted from Saudi Arabia, an ally against perceived enemy Iran, and our best weapons customer, to launching perpetual wars against much of the Middle East and Africa perceived as our enemies. Afghanistan, Iraq, were invaded with hundreds of thousands of troops. Libya, Syria, Pakistan, as well as Yemen and Niger in Africa were subjected to bombing by planes and drones. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria have all been turned into failed states from America’s Day of Infamy.
Our frenzy for endless war was so self-destructive and deceitful, we supported, even armed forces connected to anti American terrorists to change out regimes in Libya and Syria.
All of this was immoral, illegal and criminal. It has killed over a million needlessly, including 7,000 Americans. It has injured or displaced millions, adding to a worldwide refugee crisis. It has squandered trillions in treasure critically needed to alleviate monumental problems at home.
This October 7, the 20th in America’s era of perpetual wars, is for me a Day of Infamy. In a bitter irony, it is not infamous from an attack on America such as at Pearl Harbor in 1941, but from America’s 20 yearlong attack on the Middle East and Africa.
But it doesn’t have to be. The nationwide peace community, led by the Ban Killer Drones network proposes to observe October 7, 2021 as "A Day of Atonement", a day to repent for the war crimes of our government and military in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere around the world.
It calls for an end to drone bombing strikes everywhere, particularly in Afghanistan which America has pledged to continue using ‘over the horizon’ bases in neighboring countries. Upwards of 90% of all deaths from such strikes are innocent civilians, such as the 10, including 7 kids, obliterated by a U.S. drone strike in Kabul August 29.
Forces such as weapons makers, military careerists, congressional hawks, and pro war media are ferocious in their efforts to keep October 7 a Day of Infamy. That requires every American of peace and goodwill to work as vigorously to make October 7 instead, a Day of Atonement.

What if it were firecrackers that killed 12 and injured 49 last weekend in Chicago?

 What if it were firecrackers that killed 12 and injured 49 last weekend in Chicago?

Last weekend was a bloodbath on Chicago’s mean streets. Sixty-one were shot, 12 of whom died. While that number is staggering, it is not much higher than the weekend carnage week after week, year after year. It barely made a ripple in the news.
But imagine those 61 persons were all killed or injured by fireworks, both legal and illegal. There would probably be a massive public outcry. Political leaders would rush to regulate the sale and availability of fireworks causing such carnage. Safeguards would be implemented. There would be consensus on the urgent need to reduce the violence.
Yet, 52 weeks a year, the carnage from more lethal deadly instruments, guns, piles up with barely a whimper and without an iota of action by local, state and federal officials. The gun and ammo makers, supported by their millions of 2nd Amendments zealots, have bought up all 50 state legislatures and Congress with money and fear, ensuring nothing will be done.
The daily, weekly, annual death and injury toll is a testament to the power of inhumane capitalism and institutional racism to maintain the endless supply of millions of guns and billions of bullets flooding minority areas, anxious to be used.
But it was not firecrackers, it was guns that shredded the bodies of 61 Chicagoans last weekend, many if not most, poor, vulnerable minorities. As a result, the daily weekday shootings that kill and injure, will spike again beginning at 6:00 PM this Chicago Friday, incurring another horrific toll this weekend.
And like the previous hundreds, thousands of weekends….nothing will be done.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Open Letter to Gen. Milley

 Hey, Gen. Milley

It wasn't righteous
It wasn't a tragic mistake
It was a war crime

DuPage Republicans to DuPage Clerk: 'No new voting machines for you.'

Who needs good government gridlock in DC. We've got our county version right here in wealthy DuPage.
All 7 GOP Board members voted against replacing the ancient machinery that will no longer receive technical support from vendor Dominion Voting January 1.
Had just one Republican joined all 11 Democrats on the Board, a supermajority would have approved purchasing state of the art equipment from Hart Intercivic.
'Too much money' chided all 7 Republicans in unison. That's odd. When it comes to overturning elections, unseating popular Democratic governors with an expensive recall, or demanding costly, frivolous recounts, the image of a drunken sailor comes to mind.

Trump’s covid death spiral pushing 700,000

CNN’s Jake Tapper questioned Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves about his state's dreadful covid death rate that would place Mississippi second worst in the world to Peru if it were a country. Peru’s deaths per million is 5,935; Mississippi’s is 3,115. U.S. deaths are at 695,000, far ahead of second place Brazil.
Reeves refused to answer the question, pivoting to say the Delta variant started in the Red states but would soon hit the blue states. Under withering pressure Reeves finally offered the Trump/GOP ‘freedom’ defense as to why he’s not offering a solution. He did, however, say Mississippians ‘should consult their doctor about the safety of covid vaccine.’ Wink, wink.
Reeves was simply parroting Trump covid ignorance and malfeasance governance 101. Neither Reeves, nor any Republican governor or congressman dares follow the science or the Democratic guidelines least they incur The Donald’s wrath and that of his delusional base.
Eight months out of office today and Trump is still getting his voters, who refuse to vaccinate, killed by 2 thousand per day. The Lancet Global Health Commission studied the medical resources and covid responses of the G7 countries U.S., UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan. Their findings were that upwards of 40% of U.S. covid deaths could have been prevented had the U.S. properly utilized its world class medicine and preventative measures used thru out the other members. It was not only Trump’s response during the crisis, but his pre covid policies that took health insurance away from an additional 2.3 million Americas.
The demagogic charlatan Trump has persuaded tens of millions of supporters to simply ignore the scientists and the Democratic leaders using their guidance to end pandemic. The result has been to increase deaths per day, which had fallen from over 4,000 to under 100, back up north of 2.000. With that psychic control over his base, Trump will go on getting folks needlessly killed from covid long after his presidency mercifully ended.

Hypocrisy Statement of the Day

"Benet Academy respects the dignity of all human beings to follow their conscience and to live lives of their choosing."

- Benet Academy Spokesperson Jamie Moss
But when a top rated girls lacrosse coach, with 2 state titles on her resume, listed her wife as emergency contact, Benet Academy promptly withdrew their job offer to coach girls lacrosse at Benet. Apparently, for Benet Academy, the dignity of all human beings to follow their conscience ends at the bedroom door.

TPNW negotiator reviews the Treaty at Peace Coalition’s Educational Forum

Anthony Donovan, a lifelong anti-nuclear weapons activist, addressed the West Suburban Peace Coalition Tuesday night via Zoom on the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). Donovan participated in the UN negotiations which ratified TPNW, 122-1 on July 7, 2017.
The treaty prohibits the development, testing, production, stockpiling, stationing, transfer, use and threat of use of nuclear weapons, as well as assistance and encouragement to the prohibited activities. It is the first legally binding international agreement to comprehensively prohibit nuclear weapons with the ultimate goal being their total elimination.
Alas, the U.S., all other 8 nuclear powers and all the non-nuclear NATO nations boycotted the Treaty negotiations at the UN, and refused to sign onto or ratify it after its UN passage. TPNW became international law on January 22, 2021, with its ratification by 50 nations. Six others have ratified since. The U.S. and its nuclear compatriots are international outliers in the effort to prevent Nuclear Winter.
Donovan explained how the military, the nuclear weapons makers, and the congresspersons they’ve essentially purchased, have effectively kept America from joining the worldwide effort to abolish nuclear weapons.
Donovan has been working this critical issue for over 45 years. Check out his many contributions at his website In addition, contact your senators and House representative to request they join the tiny congressional faction which supports U.S. ratification of TPNW. Make the U.S. a leader in abolishing nuclear weapons, not a leader in nuclear proliferation.