Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Why so little reporting of genocide in Gaza?

Why so little reporting of genocide in Gaza?

If you only watch mainstream news, cable and network, you may not even be aware the US is enabling Israel’s grotesque genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. There’s a couple of reasons for that.
The entire commercial media has largely scrubbed reporting on genocide there. To cover it would reveal US complicity in the first major genocide of the 21st century, destroying any semblance of a livable existence for 2,300,000 Palestinians. Why expose the truth which doesn’t fit the now debunked narrative of American exceptionalism and decency round the world.
But there’s a more ghoulish reason scenes of genocide in Gaza are missing from the American version of Pravda. Israel is killing as many reporters on the ground as US 2,000 lb. bombs can obliterate. In the first 7 months of the genocide, 143 Palestinian reporters have been killed. That is more reporters than were killed in WWII and Vietnam War combined. But worse, it only includes credentialed reporters, not the many uncredited bloggers, writers and their family members killed along with them.
As in previous Israeli campaigns in Gaza, virtually all international media professionals are barred from entering Gaza to ensure Israeli crimes against the entire Palestinian people go unreported. Israel also imposes a gag order on its own journalists who might dare report the truth of its 8 month long genocide enabled by America. Just this week Israeli authorities seized Associated Press broadcasting equipment in southern Israel and blocked the outlet’s live feed of Gaza.
Turn on the endless loop of Trump trial coverage that passes for informing the American public and ponder: ‘If the genocide in Gaza is not being covered…does that mean it’s not happening?’
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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Blinken to Zelensky: ‘Here’s another $2 billion to get thousands more Ukraine troops killed for nothing


Blinken to Zelensky: ‘Here’s another $2 billion to get thousands more Ukraine troops killed for nothing
There is something demented in America’s foreign policy toward Ukraine. President Biden just sent his Secretary of War…make that State, Antony Blinken, all the way to Kyiv to demand Ukraine keep America’s proxy war against Russia raging in Ukraine till the eastern quarter of Ukraine becomes part of Russia, and all Ukrainian soldiers are dead.
Blinken touted how this new $2 billion will be a gift for Ukraine to buy US weapons, further enriching US arms makers while Ukraine is collapsing as a functioning state. Blinken further heralded how some of that weapons largess will be used to purchase weapons from US allies, enriching their weapons makers as well.
Besides furthering Ukraine’s ruin, Blinken essentially greenlighted Ukraine using new US weapons to attack the Russian mainland if they so wish. Such Ukraine attacks risk serious escalation that could easily spin out of control. Russia has already warned the UK that it could hit British military sites if Ukraine uses British-provided weapons to attack targets in Russia. When asked about dangerous escalation, Blinken channeled Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Newman muttering ‘What, me worry?’
If Hollywood ever remakes the series ‘Mad Men’, it should not be about the 1950’s advertising executives of Madison Avenue. It should chronicle the 2020’s Mad Men of Pennsylvania Avenue, Biden and Blinken, leading America and the world to ruin destroying countries in Europe and the Middle East.

That was then...this is now


That was then...this is now
For most of my first 79 years I pondered how some folks could be so morally damaged that they would deny the holocaust.
Now in my 80th year I ponder anew how some folks can be so morally damaged that they deny the Israeli/US genocide in Gaza.

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Biden drops food…and Palestinians drop dead


Biden drops food…and Palestinians drop dead

Twenty-one Palestinians have been reported killed by President Biden’s food drops on Palestinians trapped in Israel’s genocidal ethnic cleansing of 2,300,000 Palestinians trapped in Gaza. In the latest incident, a parachute failed, causing the pallet of food to crash into a warehouse killing two.

Not all those Palestinians have been bonked on the noggin by parachute-less food pallets. Several drowned retrieving food landing in water or crushed in stampede by staving Palestinians rushing to grab a few morsels of Biden’s grub.

Meanwhile, Biden’s $600 million pier/causeway designed to bring food to Gaza’s millions has not added a single calorie to the Palestinians’ non existent diet in the 2 months since Biden proposed it.

Biden knows he could have stopped Israel’s project to starve 2,300,000 Palestinians out of Gaza on a dime had he cut off billions in US genocide weapons on Day 1 of operation Starve Gaza. But he chose not to, nor openly criticize Israel’s proclaimed starvation campaign.

One can only speculate on President Biden’s mental decline. But it is clear his moral conscience regarding the Palestinians whose genocide he’s both supporting and enabling is going, going, gone.

Wednesday, May 01, 2024


Biden’s 2020 swing states wins swinging right in ‘24
Hillary lost 30 of 50 states in 2016 even tho she whupped Trump by 2.9 million votes. Chalk up her loss to American’s Byzantine Electoral College.
In ’20, Biden clawed back 5 Trump states to win with his huge 7.1 million vote margin: WI-MI-PA-GA-AZ
This Nov. 5, he’ll likely need that an even bigger margin if he hopes to fend off Trump again. But polling all year has not looked good for Biden to hang on to those critical swing states.
Here’s the latest numbers casting gloom over Biden’s campaign hopes.
GA Trump +6
AZ Trump +5
MI Trump +4
PA Trump +4
MI Trump +3 

Biden’s reelection chances are fading, largely due to his enabling of Israel’s genocidal ethnic cleansing of 2,300,000 Palestinians in Gaza. Over 45 million of Biden’s 81 million voters want Biden to stop weaponizing Israel’s genocide. How many millions will abandon him November 5 is impossible to determine, but likely millions will.
His best chance to retain the presidency may be to pivot to peace. He can end the genocide by cutting off the vast US arsenal of genocide fueling Gaza’s utter destruction. If he does, might be possible those swing states swinging right will detour to support Biden’s pivot to peace.
Biden’s America is the only country that can prolong Israel’s genocide and the only country that can curtail it. President Biden has a choice. For 207 days he’s taken the road to genocide for Palestinians in Gaza, infamy for the United States, and a grotesque historical legacy for Joseph R. Biden Jr. Does he know what time it is? Does he care?

Monday, April 29, 2024

University, Biden event protesters serving the cause of ending genocide in Gaza, deserve our support


University, Biden event protesters serving the cause of ending genocide in Gaza, deserve our support

I’m both thrilled and encouraged by the thousands of protesters disrupting the educational process at over a hundred universities and most of President Biden’s public events. They may not be in the classroom, but they are learning history first hand; indeed, may be making history. It would be wonderful if their anti-genocide protests spread to all 6,000 US colleges and universities. That might influence President Biden to pursue peace, not genocide in Gaza.

They bring to mind the legion of mostly young people who engaged in non-violent civil disobedience to end the Vietnam War and Jim Crow segregation 60 years ago. It’s easy for me to remember as I was one of them upon entering University of Chicago in 1963. Unlike the many today, I never risked arrest or expulsion from College. The only threat I faced was dodging projectiles hurled at the hundreds of thousands of us in New York City during the massive antiwar demonstration there April 7, 1967.

Approaching 80, my physical protest days are in the past. But I offer my voice to anyone willing to discuss, and publish my views in cyberspace every day among other peace activities.

The current Israeli genocide in Gaza, destroying life for 2,300,000 Palestinians there, is being funded by the US with tens of billions in weapons of genocidal death. President Biden proclaims his ‘lockstep support’ for Israel’s genocide and complements his weapons with endless vetoes of anti-genocide resolutions in the UN Security, preventing creation of a Palestinian state, acquiescing in Israel’s violent blocking of aid to starving, disease ridden Palestinians.

This is one of, if not the worst moral crime America has engaged in throughout its 248 year existence. That is why we who cannot participate directly must give our fervent moral support to these mostly young folks who will not be deterred by arrest or college expulsion. They are my heroes. They should be heroes to every American. Indeed, they may be the heroes who bring relief to Palestinians from Israeli genocide and eventually a Palestinian homeland.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Silence is agreement, Democrats. Call out Biden for enabling Israeli genocide in Gaza

 Silence is agreement, Democrats. Call out Biden for enabling Israeli genocide in Gaza

It’s dismaying to hear utter silence by many good Democrats to President Biden’s grisly support of genocide in Gaza. Facing likely the greatest moral crisis of their lifetime, they’ve punted, remaining silent while the utter destruction of Gaza and its 2,300,000 Palestinians goes on unabated for 202 days.

Why, fellow Democrats? Worried that any criticism of Biden’s genocide involvement will sink his reelection? The opposite is reality. Biden’s approval rating has sunk to 39% and heading south. Over half his 81 million voters in ’20 are demanding not another single genocide weapon to Israel.

College genocide protesters nationwide have given Republicans the same opening that the Vietnam protesters gave Nixon in ’68. Notice GOP House Speaker Johnson visited USC demanding their president quit for not corralling those imaginary violent demonstrators. Hello Law and Order issue 2024. It sank Hubert in ’68…it may sink Joe in ’24.

But if Biden weren’t enabling genocide in Gaza, nary a protester would be pitching a genocide protest tent on America's campuses.

Remaining silent while the Israeli genocide plays out on the media not censored by Biden and his mainstream media sycophants, may turn over the White House to a deranged authoritarian. But much worse will be the unrelenting genocidal damage that could neither have begun, nor continued to its likely completion without President Biden’s ghastly, wholehearted support.

Find your voice fellow Democrats.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Biden secretly escalating Ukraine war, costing Ukraine more territory

Biden secretly escalating Ukraine war, costing Ukraine more territory
With friends like President Biden, Ukraine does not need enemies.
Joe Biden has spent his entire 40 months as president ensuring Ukraine descends into a failed rump state of its former self. Half a million soldiers dead, millions fled to safer countries, economy on life support, all due to Biden’s lust to “weaken Russia.”
But the Ukraine destroyer in the White House pushes on, finally getting his $61 billion in weapons for Ukraine after 6 months of begging. They will do nothing but prolong Ukraine’s agonizing defeat.
Even worse, we’re now learning that last month Biden secretly gave Ukraine ATACMS, long range missile systems that can strike nearly 200 miles inside Russia. They were used to bomb a Russian base in Crimea.
Russia’s response?’ ‘We’re just going to take more Ukraine territory to ensure a sufficient buffer against long range attacks facilitated by Biden.’
The ATACMS are simply an extension of Biden’s deranged policy of putting weakening Russia above Ukraine sovereignty and independence. Even after Biden provoked the Russian invasion 26 months ago, he could have agreed to the Russo Ukraine peace deal negotiated to end the war within 2 months with no loss of Ukraine territory. But Biden said 'Nope...continue fighting Ukraine to weaken Russia.'
Now, he’s not only cost Ukraine roughly a quarter of its territory on Russia’s border, he’s ensuring Russia will take more territory to defend against Biden’s ATACMS.
And guess what weapon will be included in that $ 61 billion weapons boondoggle Biden is high fiving getting passed? Yep, more ATACMS to cost Ukraine more territory.
Forrest Gump might have had President Biden in mind when he noted “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

My Illinois congresspersons vote for further destruction of Ukraine, further genocide in Gaza, further military confrontation with China

 My Illinois congresspersons vote for further destruction of Ukraine, further genocide in Gaza, further military confrontation with China

Sixth District Congressman Sean Casten, Senators Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin, all cast their votes to spend $95 billion that will likely get hundreds of thousands more killed in Ukraine and Gaza. Since this massive tranche of wasted weapons dough has to be borrowed, it will help sour US debt past $35 trillion, representing 122% of US GDP.

To add to the unfathomable death and destruction of Ukraine and Gaza, their votes ramp up possible military confrontation with our imagined enemy China.

Casten, Duckworth and Durbin are not outliers in the Democratic Party. They joined nearly the entire Democratic ranks in the House and Senate to squander our treasure to further destroy two peoples who deserve better.

They know the $61 billion for Ukraine will not prevent Ukraine’s impending defeat with over a half million soldiers dead, no hope of victory, and economy and infrastructure in ruins. They know the $26 billion for Israel will further the genocidal ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Gaza and likely the West Bank as well. They know China is an imagined enemy that may be provoked into a real enemy with the $8 billion in weaponry for Taiwan and other pretend US allies in the region.

Only Casten, Duckworth and Durbin know why they’ve sold their souls as public servants to promote endless war, carnage and genocide as core US policy. Money? Power? Political ambition? Belief in US empire and exceptionalism?

Whatever, they have disgraced themselves as public servants by ignoring the desire of the voting majority demanding peace, not war; investment in the Homeland, not wanton destruction worldwide.

Voters in the IL Sixth District and throughout Illinois, must push back fervently against these out of control war enablers. We must hold their shame up to them at every opportunity. Those who remain silent become Ukraine and Gaza's silent executioners. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Bipartisan Ukraine aid vote neither victory for Ukraine nor for functional American governance

 Bipartisan Ukraine aid vote neither victory for Ukraine nor for functional American governance

We in the peace movement knew the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board would be quick to celebrate the House Republican capitulation to Democrats in squandering another $61 billion on the lost war in Ukraine. For its entire 26 months, the Ukraine war has had complete support by the Trib for endless weapons for endless war, instead of negotiations that could have resolved it in its first month.

But to frame it as a harbinger of functional bipartisan governance is both surprising and preposterous. It simply represents Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson caving to the US war party which always gets its endless billions for war through bipartisan support. The six months of Republican delay were a welcome break from war bipartisanship when Republicans actually aligned themselves with the electorate which favors peace, not endless war in Ukraine.

The Trib correctly noted that a majority of House Republicans voted against this weapons boondoggle which will prolong the war to kill off the remaining Ukrainian soldiers, and further descend Ukraine into an ungovernable, failed state.

That 112 vote Republican majority, along with a majority of the American people, have infinitely more sense than the Biden administration and its partner in endless war, Speaker Mike Johnson.

The $61 billion cannot replace the hundreds of thousands of dead Ukrainian soldiers. It cannot prevent Ukraine eventually suing for peace, losing a quarter of its territory when negotiations early on would have kept it whole.

What will the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board write when that occurs? We in the peace community would like to know.


Monday, April 22, 2024

Rep. Casten votes to squander $95 billion to further destroy Ukraine, enable genocide in Gaza, provoke military confrontation with China

 Rep. Casten votes to squander $95 billion to further destroy Ukraine, enable genocide in Gaza, provoke military confrontation with China

My pretend peace loving, fiscally conservative Congressman Sean Casten is anything but. Yesterday he voted with almost all House Democrats to print nearly a hundred billion dollars to further America’s decline on the world stage from military adventurism.
Normally, Casten doesn’t support any measure proposed by conservative, Bible thumping House Speaker Mike Johnson. But when Johnson struck a devil’s bargain with House Democrats to goose our economy with endless more Ukrainian and Palestinian blood, Casten jumped right in.
Johnson and House Democratic leaders devised a brilliant plan to split Biden’s gargantuan $95 billion dollar giveaway to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan into 3 separate bills of $61, $26 and $8 billion. That made it more politically expedient for all 3 to pass. The gambit worked as House Democrats, including Casten, cast a total of 590 of their 661 votes for war, war, possible war. The first ensures the destruction of Ukraine. The second ensures the genocidal ethnic cleansing of Gaza. The third makes war with China more likely. Casten voted aye on all three.
Congressman Casten knows Ukraine is being systematically destroyed by America’s refusal to negotiate its end. Congressman Casten knows the 2,300,000 Palestinians in Gaza are being devoured by US enabled Israeli genocide. Congressman Casten knows US provocations in the Far East put America on a collision course to war against China.
For my Congressman Sean Casten, loyalty to the Biden administration war agenda is more important than saving hundreds of thousands of lives.
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