Saturday, December 16, 2006


President Bush has morphed from being the Great Decider to the Grinch That Stole Christmas.

The vast majority of citizens in America and throughout the world want him to withdraw our soldiers from his failed Iraq war. The twin developments of the Iraq Study Group report and the presidential promise of a major policy change before Christmas, built up hope that a phased withdrawal of our military presence in Iraq would begin early next year. What better Christmas present could peace-loving people and our soldiers want?

Unfortunately, neoconservatives within the administration and the media launched a blistering attack against the Iraq Study Group report, and the president himself is speaking out on the need to pursue victory regardless of cost. In delaying his announcement till after New Years, he says he will not be rushed.

He gives the appearance of a broken and doomed man. Eventually, the magnitude of our certain defeat in Iraq will force our withdrawal, with or without his blessing. And his only solace may be that he will not have suffered the fate of the hundreds, maybe thousands of soldiers who will be maimed or killed during his denial of reality.


Published in the Glen Ellyn News, December 20, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006


Don Rumsfled’s leaked memo written days before he was fired, sounds eerily like it was written with the help of Rep. John Murtha and other anti-war interests. It talks of changing course in Iraq, possibly involving some form of withdrawal. It discusses war failures more than war successes.

Could Secretary Rumsfeld be polishing up his tarnished legacy as he leaves his post by bailing out on his hither-to intransigent pro-war position which is no longer believed by anyone of substance? He, like an increasingly growing number of Bush administration officials, neo-conservative pundits, and Republican congressmen are distancing themselves as much as possible from the president’s delusional optimism about the Iraq venture.

An increasingly isolated and tragic President Bush can only be left to mutter, “Et Tu Rumsfeld”?

Originally published in Chicago Sun-Times, December 11, 2006