Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spiting Uncle Sam's Face

The July 29th Time Magazine cover of the Afghan beauty with her nose chopped off by the Taliban must rank as one of the most egregious examples of using emotional propaganda to assist a war party maintain its criminal and failed war, ever. What decent American could look at this hideously disfigured woman and not agree that more of these noseless ladies will pop up should we choose to find the answer to the cover story question: "What happens if we leave Afghanistan"?

The truth is that all over the world in dozens if not hundreds of countries and locales, folks are being disfigured, gang raped, tortured and killed in the ongoing saga of man's inhumanity to his fellow citizens in the fight for power and glory. Rather than add to the carnage as we must certainly do in our senseless and criminal takeover of Afghanistan and our endless effort to hold on to it, we must demand our government and military get out of these internal battles. They are bankrupting America. They are used as recruiting tools to get more locals to sign up to fight our needless intervention. But mostly, they main and kill an untold number of innocents; untold because we don't dare put a real number to our atrocities.

Time Magazine should balance their blatant propagandizing for the American war party by portraying the carnage we inflict in a land we don't belong. How about a photo of one of those Afghan wedding parties that some military dude at a video console in Nevada thought was a Taliban gathering, pushed a button, and flattened with a smart bomb?

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ever wonder how the war party, greedy multinationals and the self centered rich keep the vast majority of us working stiffs and unemployed from rejecting their "rich get richer" and endless war political philosophy? Simple. They toss a "red meat" wedge, or more accurately, hate issue to the masses to keep them stirred up about anything but the wholesale theft of America's treasure, and unchecked militarism which is our only growth industry.

Since the election of a President trying to reverse that self destructive path practiced by the Bush Administration for eight years, here a few of the red meat morsels offered up to an apparently very gullible public:

National health care equals death panels

Obama is an illegitimate President because he was born in Kenya

Obama is a secret Muslim sympathetic to Islamic Jihad against America

Hordes of nearly full term illegals are crossing the border to drop their baby to improve chances of staying in US

Acorn is not a nut falling from a tree but a massive criminal organization trying to steal elections

A decades long courageous civil rights activist and dedicated public servant is nearly destroyed by a transparent racist smear

A Muslim educational center planned two blocks from the World Trade Center site is an unacceptable expression of religious freedom

Maybe the chunks of red meat hate issues placed on our daily menu by the extreme right won't cause colon cancer.....but they sure leave a sickening feeling deep in the gut.