Friday, October 19, 2007


The best reality show on television these days is any Republican presidential debate which includes Congressman Ron Paul (Rep. TX).

Congressman Paul is the only one of ten candidates who deals with the reality of our made up, unnecessary, immoral and criminal war in Iraq. The other candidates look and talk like the moral midgets they are when trying to counter his straight talk of the need to stop the slaughter of innocent Iraqis and American soldiers, the further disintegration of Iraq from our smart bombs and trigger-happy Blackwater mercenaries, and the hemorrhaging of our precious treasure at a rate of three hundred million dollars a day.

Before the next debate these nine cheerleaders for the current criminal enterprise and the next one being concocted against Iran should be required to attend a seminar on the Nuremburg War Crime trials of 1945-6. Those trials made it clear that made up, aggressive war is the most heinous of crimes and the punishment severe. It is not a good item to have on one’s resume. The current President and his war party will spend the rest of their lives trying to wash the bloodstains from theirs. They may also want to avoid foreign travel after losing their governmental immunity. Other nations and peace organizations may not give them a pass on arrest and prosecution that our country shamelessly has.

Ron Paul won’t have to attend. He received credit for that course through an unblemished public career promoting peace.

Run Ron, Run.

Originally published in Glen Ellyn Sun, October 19, 2007