Monday, June 18, 2007


Free Paris Hilton.

We need Paris prancing around Tinsiltown, sopping up valuable time on Fox News and other entertainment networks masquerading as serious news outlets.

We need Paris entertaining us on Simple Life so we don't have to deal with the real life of three dead and a dozen injured soldiers daily in our made up criminal enterprise in Iraq.

We need Paris driving recklessly through LA canyons to make us forget how our clueless leaders drive the ship of state to unending oil gluttony.

We need Paris parading her million dollar synthetic body on TV to mask the sight of fifty million Americans who do without basic health care for lack of medical insurance.

We need Paris before the cameras, worshiping the sun to obscure delusional leaders who ignore our top dog status as global warming polluter by denying it even exists.

Free Paris Hilton.

Originally published in Daily Herald, June 17, 2007