Friday, May 24, 2013

Please Gov. Quinn: Provide Pained Illinoisans Pot To Put Pain In‏


For a week now Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has been pondering whether to sign the bill making Illinois the 19th state to legalize marijuana for relief of chronic pain. If politics weren't a factor - Quinn is up for re-election next year - the bill would already be law and thousands of chronically pained Illinoisans would step out from the shadows of illegal marijuana use to relieve their pain legally. However, Quinn, like he did with his March 9, 2011, signing of the Illinois death penalty ban, doesn't want to appear too eager to legalize a federally banned substance and rile up conservatives who deem it a "gateway" drug to depravity and destruction of the Illinois nuclear family. Bunk. More people become addicted to and even die from abuse of prescription drugs, such as the highly addictive pain drug Oxycontin in a week, than have ever been harmed by marijuana. These legal prescription drugs are loaded with horrible side effects that take up half of the million dollar commercials hawking them to recite. They drain the finances of the chronically and terminally ill while they degrade their health, all to make greedy rich men and women masquerading as the Titans of Big Pharma, greedier and richer.

Arguments that medical marijuana will cause these folks to graduate to cocaine or heroin would be hilarious if they weren't so counterproductive to providing better pain treatment to people in need.  One of the most ludicrous comments from opponents of the bill came from Sen. Jason Barickman (Rep. Bloomington), who claimed we must follow the federal government model for regulating marijuana which amounts to a 76 year long ban that has been an utter failure of a sensible drug policy. Millions of folks have clogged up our jails and had their lives ruined over this  essentially victimless crime. What's hilarious is that while Republicans lambast every vestige of federal governance that actually helps people and promotes the commons, Barickman praises one of the more truly dysfunctional aspects of federal rule.

Come on, Gov, whip out your passage pen, sign the bill, and let non super side effect pain relief begin.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Book Pick: The Third Coast: When Chicago Built The American Dream, by Thomas Dyja. The Penguin Press, 2013

Chicago may long be known as the Second City, a dig on its trailing The Big Apple's big status as US city No. 1, but Dyja's calling Chicago between WWII and 1960 the Third Coast is pure complement. Dyja details the enormous innovation that emanated from Chicago in most cultural endeavors suc...h as architecture, science, politics, television, music, education and literature which allowed Chicago to outshine such innovation from either the east or west coasts: hence the name Third Coast. As a lifelong Chicagoan and amateur historian, I thought I knew the Chicago story till I picked up this tome. Dyja seamlessly interweaves dozens of stories supporting his thesis throughout this 412 page valentine to That Toddlin' Town. Chicago still may not be ready for reform, but recognition of its influence on the American Century has finally been chronicled

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Baghdad's Biggest Problem Is BB's

Hard to believe but the biggest problem in the Iraqi capital of Iraq are BB's. Monday, saw nine Baghdad BB's kill 27 and wound 116. The ongoing outbreak of BB's has brought fears of return to the 2006-07 BB epidemic that killed thousands in sectarian violence.
How can BB's inflict such carnage you ask? It's simple. BB's are the nickname given to phenomenon instituted on March 19, 2003, when President George W. Bush, a.k.a. The Decider, decided to launch his criminal war against the Iraqi people. Since that time hundreds of thousands of Iraqis lay dead, many from the grisly use of US launched BB's that have now spawned homegrown BB's as Iraq continues its 11 year civil war between Sunnis and Shiites. BB's refer, of course, to Bush Bombings, a most appropriate way to characterize the criminal legacy of Bush and his criminal war cabinet. While Bush enjoys painting daisies 3 hours a day in his Dallas mansion, countless Iraqis are pushing up daisies 24 hours a day thanks to Bush Bombings.

Can anyone say "war crime trial"?