Friday, March 16, 2012


If a picture can be worth a thousand words, surely that of Rod Blagojevich's 8 year old daughter valiantly trying to pull her daddy away from one last anonymous political handshake represents a thousand heartaches. If federal prisoner 40892-424 can summon the wisdom, he should cut out that Tribune photo and tape it to his Big House cell. Then he should study it every one of the 4,380 days he's likely to spend there to remind him of the wreckage his insatiable lust for political power at the expense of himself, his family and the Illinois taxpayers has caused.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apologized to the Afghan people on behalf of the United States for the hideous slaughter of 16 Afghan men, women and children civilians Sunday by an obviously disturbed soldier. She said that the massacre was "not who we are". Sec. Clinton, like every US official who offers a fake, totally insincere apology whenever we commit murder and mayhem in our criminal military ventures of subjugation and empire, pretends that each incident is a totally exceptional event that has no precedent.

Because of her mendacious lying, it is important that we examine just who we are in the Middle East:

The systematic torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in who we are

The March 12, 2006 murders of a family of four in Muhmudiyah, Iraq, the last member of which, 14 year old Abee Qasim Hamza, was gang-raped before being killed... is who we are

The April 26, 2006 murder of a crippled old man who was positioned after his killing to make it look like he was burying a roadside bomb... is who we are

The November 19, 2005 slaughter of 24 innocent men, women and children by a group of marines after an IED killed a soldier in their unit in Haditha, who we are

The 2010 killing of three Afghan Maywand District civilians by a self styled US "Kill Team" who then collected body parts as who we are

The 2012 video of US soldiers urinating on corpses of alleged Taliban who we are

The February burning of "hundreds" of Qurans by US military personnel near the Afghan capital Kabul, which touched off a week of anti-American who we are

Secretary Clinton also said, "We will hold anyone found accountable, fully responsible". She should avoid looking into a mirror for a long while...she just might see one of them.