Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Congressman and The Donald

A few Republican congressmen are running away from presidential nominee Donald Trump faster than Jesse Owens at the '36 Berlin Olympics. Horrified by his racism, xenophobia, misogyny and delusional ravings, they're hoping to get re-elected without the Trump stench sending them into retirement. A majority embrace him as the embodiment of Republican values, proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the white nationalists and the KKK seeing Trump as the antidote to the black man they never accepted as their president.
Then there's my congressman Peter Roskam (IL-6), who has mastered the art of political gobbledygook in a desperate attempt straddle the Trump loving Republican majority in his district without appearing to endorse the most ignorant, mendacious and unqualified person to run for president in our lifetime. In May Roskam told WLS he wasn't ready to endorse Trump for two critical reasons; Trump implied taxes may go up and didn't seem to be bothered by entitlements. Roskam couched his entire concern of endorsing Trump on the grounds he may not reflect heartless Republican values rather than his obvious unfitness for office. But in July it appeared Roskam was endorsing Trump, telling WGN "I do think time is Donald Trump's friend. I think people are saying... alright, I'm ready to hear this guy out, see what he has got to say with the flash and dash aside."
If Congressman Roskam thinks pandering to the David Duke KKK wing of the Republican Party is 'flash and dash', it's fair to consider Roskam's unfitness for office along with The Donald.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Rauner achieving GOP term limits the old fashioned way

Eighteen days ago, top ally of Gov. Bruce Rauner, Ron Sandack of Downers Grove, abruptly quit the state legislature, citing 'cyber security issues'. Today, a top Rauner ally in the Senate, Matt Murphy of Palatine, will quit the Senate to take a job in public affairs. Sandack was running for re-election in relatively safe House District 81, while Murphy' 27th Senate district seat wasn't even up for re-election. Both were passionate and high profile advocates of Rauner's delusional 'turnaround agenda' targeting the needy, state workers, students and state vendors to give back or give up state services to benefit Rauner's and Sandack's and Murphy's wealthy base. It is unprecedented for top legislative advocates of a governor to up and quit in the middle of a momentous political battle. Forget what they say about quitting. The reason for both is they see no future in sticking with a failed governor governing headlong into one term oblivion, leaving Illinois much worse off than than when he became governor.
Gov. Rauner endlessly preaches for term limits which insults voters and the democratic process. Apparently, he's figured out he can achieve that goal, at least in his own party, by driving them out with incompetence.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Obama needs to free Blago

No surprise Federal Judge James Zagel refused to lower former governor Rod Blagojevich's 14 year sentence for essentially acting the fool as governor, so Blago sits in the can at our expense for another 8 years, minimum. But he did less harm to the Illinois body politic in 6 years as governor than current governor Rauner did in his first 6 weeks. The needy, union workers, students, state vendors and the rest of us would gladly trade Rauner for Blago even up. Though Blago was a fool, he didn't make the little people suffer like the billionaire does to implement a rich boys' agenda that will never happen. But heartlessness is not a crime so Rauner gets to finish his term disgracing the job of public servant.
Come on, Mr. President, end this foolishness and FREE BLAGO!