Monday, September 04, 2006


Dear Candidate Roskam: When you met recently with Vice President Cheney to accept his support to replace retiring Congressman Henry Hyde, did you have a chance to ask him: Why he was one of the most ardent proponents of the unnecessay war of choice in Iraq which has drained our precious military and treasury only to become an unending quagmire? Why he consistently opposed efforts by Senator John McCain (Rep. AZ) to curtail the practice of torture and forbid its future use under any circumstances by the US government? Why he has become the primary cheerleader of the illegal spying conducted by the Bush administration in violation of FISA (Foreign Intellegence Survaillance Act)? Why he will not reveal the substance of the secret meetings he held with major energy companies considering the impending energy crisis we face in America? How he can justify the astounding increase in the deficit during his five years in office while his wealthy base of supporters gorge on tax cuts? How he can travel with the most modern medical personnel and equipment for his health issues while his administration does nothing for the 43 million of his fellow citizens with no health insurance? Mr. Roskam, the citizens of the 6th District need to know how you stand on these and other positions of the current administration which have had such an adverse effect on them.

Very truly yours, Walt Zlotow, Glen Ellyn, IL

Originally published in Daily Herald, April 9, 2006