Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dear Uncle Sam:

Though 236 years old, you could still make a few New Years resolutions to improve life in 2013 for all of us:

1. Resolve to end your bankrupting, self destructive Afghan war. Let not one more American
    or Afghan die from our failed involvement there
2. Resolve to cease sending unmanned drones to rain bombs down killing countless innocents in
    the Middle East and Africa. That's something only tyrants and terrorists do
3. Resolve to end your policy of imprisoning or even assassinating anyone, including Americans,
    without due process of law. That sacred principle, derived from the Magna Charta in 1215, is even
    older than you are
4. Resolve not to intervene in civil wars such as Libya and Syria just so you can expand your world
    wide power base. Right now you're supporting Syrian rebels who include al Qaeda and other
    anti American forces.
5.  Resolve to cut excessive spending from our bloated, wasteful defense budget instead of cutting the
     social safety net or critical infrastructure rebuilding. 
6.  Resolve to reduce the slaughter of your precious citizens, including first graders, by removing
     military style assault weapons and 100 round ammo clips from circulation.  
7.  Resolve to actually reduce carbon emissions warming the planet and threatening our very survival,
     yours included.
8.  Resolve to rescind the noxious Defense of Marriage Act, more appropriately known as the
     Defense of Homophobia Act, which denies federal recognition of the thousands of same sex
     marriages in the nine states, and your home town, Washington DC, that have legalized them     
     locally. Hey, if you haven't tied the knot in 236 years, where do you get off telling folks who they
     can or cannot marry.
9.  Resolve to end your war on women. Give them free and unfettered access to reproductive health,
     including birth control and abortion services. Unc, if you haven't learned in 236 years that the
     secret to men's happiness is women's happiness, then you are hopeless. But still try.  
10. At he stroke of Midnight on New Years 2013, take a toke instead of a sip to reach a new high.
      Then resolve to end the 76 year old federal ban on marijuana and let states regulate medical and
      recreational use of marijuana as they see fit.
Happy New Year Uncle, 
One of your 310 million nephews and nieces