Friday, April 19, 2013

A Tale Of Two Cities: American Style

It was the best of America; it was the worst of America in two American cities this week.

In Boston, after the horrific Marathon bombing, some Americans ran toward something; the blast scene, and not away from people in need to offer help. They represent the best of America.

In Washington, some Americans also ran toward something, but it wasn't people in need. The 41 GOP Senators, and 4 Democratic Senators, who voted to shut down debate on sensible gun control, ran toward the money they receive from the NRA to maintain their lavish political lifestyle. In so doing they ran away from the vast majority of Americans seeking relief from horrific everyday carnage caused in part, from virtually unlimited access to hundreds of millions of guns, including war worthy weaponry, and billions of bullets in high capacity clips. Their job descriptions specify they are to represent the interests of the people of their state to promote the general good. Those job descriptions may as well contain a stamp marked: "This job description NRA approved". They represent the worst of America.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Homophobes Fail In Second Attempt To Oust Principled Leader Pat Brady

Fifty dedicated members of the HOP (Homophobe Only Party), a.k.a. GOP, gathered Saturday in their second attempt to oust Illinois HOP Chairman Pat Brady because he believes the Illinois and US Constitutions apply to all citizens, even gay ones. And for the second time decency and common sense prevailed as Brady kept his leadership position in the HOP, even though he opposes its most sacred tenant: continued discrimination against gays concerning marriage equality. While Brady's fate was being debated behind closed doors, some of the rowdy homophobes, in a classless move, chanted and yelled for Brady and party leaders to hear: "Throw him out". 

Brady, reading the writing on the homophobe door, advised party leaders he will not seek re-election as IL HOP leader next year. This will give the IL HOP plenty of time to pick a truly dedicated homophobe to lead the party of Lincoln, who is not resting very comfortably in his Oak Ridge Cemetery vault while current crop of HOP leaders in Illinois spew hate against their fellow man and woman over a human quality that is utterly insignificant to their well being. If Lincoln could come back for just one day to meet with a kindred spirit of his party, he would choose Pat Brady. The embattled IL HOP state chairman exemplifies, in his principled and courageous stand against the homophobes beating their chests against granting full civil rights to all Illinoisans, the very essence of the Great Emancipator. And those HOP homophobes who'd love a little face time with Lincoln? Honest Abe would tell them honestly: "Spend a few hours reading my political writings until a little bit of that 'With malice toward none, with charity for all' rubs off on your dark and heartless soul".