Saturday, August 25, 2018

Pope channeling Jack Benny on celibacy delimma

Funnyman Jack Benny's most famous gag involves his obsession with holding onto his money. A robber confronts him at night and demands: "Your money or your life." Benny is silent. The frustrated robber intones louder: "YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE." Another pause and Benny responds, "I'm thinking it over.".  I'm reminded of Benny's gag upon hearing Catholic hierarchy waffle on the celibacy controversy which many in the Church believe is the main driver of priestly sexual abuse of children which has claimed an incalculable number of victims since celibacy was mandated in the 4th century.  When the Pope and other church hierarchy are asked if celibacy will be ended, they pause and respond, "We're thinking it over". Benny's bit was too funny. The Pope's is too tragic.