Friday, December 03, 2010


Senator Lindsey Graham (Rep. SC), sure has a lot to say about about the gigantic document dump of secret state department cables by Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange, including the following:

"These leaks are a crime... undermine our war effort...put peoples lives at risk...the people of Wikileaks could have blood on their hands"?

Gee, for over seven years now Senator Graham has not only said nothing critical of US governmental officials who launched a criminal war in Iraq which sent over three million Iraqis to the grave, the hospital or a foreign country for their safety; he has been one of its most fervent cheerleaders.

I suggest Senator Graham rent "The most dangerous man in America", the documentary of intelligence official Daniel Ellsberg who stropped enabling the Vietnam War, grew a conscious, and leaked the Pentagon Papers to the press revealing the lies and the criminality and the mendacity of that war back in 1971. Nixon tried to destroy Ellsberg but succeeded only in destroying himself, starting with his authorizing the illegal break-in of Ellsberg's psychiatrist. Ellsberg's "treason" is seen by historians today as likely having prevented further escalation of several hundred thousand more US troops to an utterly senseless, futile and murderous venture. If honest, Graham would realize what a real patriot is made of and the evil he can help prevent.

People who risk their career, their freedom, possibly even their life to expose the lies of an endlessly interventionist super power, are heroes we can all look up to and honor. It's not too late for you too, Mr. Graham.