Saturday, March 29, 2008


Every decent American should view the March 19th fifth anniversary of the Iraq war with shame and revulsion.

Bush administration armchair worriers came to office in 2001 determined to take over Iraq. Discussions to acquire this prize began even before the September 11, 2001 attacks unleashed the full fury of their lies, duplicity, propaganda and fear tactics to launch their unprovoked attack on a defenseless country.

Anyone who seriously followed the run up to the war during 2002 could determine the impending war was made up and would lead to ruin for Iraq and America.

Yet, a fawning, unquestioning press and a populous skillfully manipulated with fear, hatred, revenge and for good measure, tax cuts, went along for the war ride to glory which now sucks the life from our economy and world-wide moral standing.

We didn’t know the Bush administration was composed of liars, thugs and war criminals when we first elected them in 2000. We certainly had enough information to make that judgment in 2004. Instead, we senselessly gave them four more years to continue their murder and mayhem unchallenged by an equally shameful and disreputable Congress which shovels twelve billion dollars monthly to continue these crimes so they won’t be accused of deserting our soldiers.

Those soldiers were deserted on Day One by traitorous leaders who launched a war that isn’t worth one drop of our precious blood or one dollar of our limited treasure.

Sadly, as our over-extended military suffers decline and the meter on the biggest military blunder in American history rises past a trillion and possibly up to three trillion dollars over time, Bush’s heir apparent John McCain thinks another ninety-five years in Iraq suits us just fine.

Originally published in Glen Ellyn News, March 26, 2008


What is all the fuss over Barack Obama’s former preacher Jeremiah Wright?

The last time I checked, Rev. Wright never told lies to initiate war against a defenseless country, resulting in one million dead, two million fled and three trillion dollars accrued for the eventual cost.

Rev. Wright’s resume does not include spying on his fellow Americans.

No one has accused this spiritual leader of authorizing undesirables to be kidnapped and spirited away to secret prisons where experts in torture can practice their trade un-encumbered by rules of justice or humanity.

Upon listening to sound bites from his sermons it does appear that Rev. Wright is knowledgeable in the political science concept of “blowback”, the tendency to incur violent response from extreme factions to immoral and destructive interference in the affairs of their countries or regions.

Blowback, doesn’t excuse but it does explain, for example, why terrorist attacks are directed against America instead of democracies that don’t interfere in foreign affairs such as Sweden. Any novice political science student knows that.

Rev. Wright is merely pointing out the obvious to those not hypnotized by the false notion that America is God’s chosen people that can shock and awe around the world at will.

And if the GOP candidate John McCain has his way, we have another ninety-five years of blowback to defend against.

Maybe Senator McCain can sign up for some spiritual guidance from Rev. Wright now that Barack Obama has moved on.

Originally published in Chicago Tribume, March 22, 2008