Saturday, July 09, 2011


Although dismaying, it is not surprising that former KKK Grand Wizard, Louisiana state representative and Republican state district chairman David Duke is considering a run for the GOP Presidential nomination. Duke's flirtation with a presidential bid comes against a background of growing interest in elective office from white supremacists, one party affiliation of which is not on their list of potential parties is Democratic.

That's because most racists began fleeing the Democratic Party when Southern Democratic President Lyndon Johnson sheparded historic Civil Rights legislation into law in 1964 and 1965. Johnson ruefully remarked at the time that the Democratic Party was finished in the South and his prediction came true under his GOP successor Richard Nixon, who brilliantly devised and exploited his "Southern Strategy" to turn millions of disaffected Southern Democratic whites into Republicans.

Nixon's triumph in 1968 and 1972 with a solid white Republican South was not lost on Ronald Reagan who symbolically kicked off his post convention campaign for President on August 3, 1980, in Neshoba County, Mississippi, where three civil rights workers were assassinated in 1964 for the crime of trying to register black voters. Reagan's theme that day: Up with states' rights; down with federal interference in state matters. Hint, hint.

Racism was largely dormant in Presidential politics of late till the election of black Barack Obama in 2008 brought all the latent GOP racism to the fore, headed up by racist cartoons, pictures and chants at GOP created and funded Tea Party rallies. It peaked in the endless phony allusions to Obama's African birth, even championed by faux candidate Donald Trump. Sadly, the most overtly racist remark by a GOP contender was from black conservative Herman Cain who boasted: "No Muslims need apply in a Cain Administration".

If Duke does enter the race, a good motto for the racist fringe of the GOP should be: If you're gonna do crazy, go all the way....Duke for President.

Also published in the Chicago Sun Times, July 11, 2011 and
the Daily Herald, July 17, 2011

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Waking from a fitful sleep, I popped on MSNBC to catch up with the momentous events shaping our destiny, and there was a trial judge giving jury instructions in a bizarre Florida murder case involving possible infanticide, child abuse, deceit, monumental family dysfunction; about every conceivable domestic depravity known to mankind. Hmmmm..something amiss, I muttered and switched to CNN to find the same trial judge; HLN, ditto. For the first time in forever I tried FOX News and there was Judge Everywhere. This can't be happening I stammered; maybe I'm still experiencing nightmare, or Cable TV has been hijacked by the Bizarro Continuum. Flipping on my favorite all news radio station, the first words at the top of the hour were: "Jury deliberations have begun in the murder trial of...."

A hundred years from now, historians of 2111, discussing the collapse of the American Experiment in the second decade of the 21st century, can sum up the failure of an uninformed electorate to prevent America's downfall at the hands of the war party, the banksters, the insatiably greedy oligarchs and the anti intellectual religious fanatics in two words: CASEY ANTHONY.

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