Friday, March 02, 2018

Three Senate patriots seek to end US war crimes in Yemen

The US is committing war crimes in Yemen. March 22 marks the second anniversary of the Yemen civil war. Sunni Saudi Arabia intervened on the side of their Sunni brothers in Yemen against the largely Shiite rebels. The US provides massive aid to Saudi Arabia as a proxy war against our Middle East bete-noir Iran who the US and Saudis accuse of aiding the Shiite Yemen rebels. Over 10,000 dead and millions suffering cholera and starvation from a Saudi led food blockade and bombing of Yemen infrastructure. Now three Senate patriots are pushing back against US war crimes there. Republican Mike Lee (UT), Democrat Chris Murphy (CT) and Independent Bernie Sanders (VT) have introduced a Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) to end US intervention by enforcing the War Powers Act of 1973. If passed it would force Trump to either declare war against Yemen or end US war crimes there within 30 days. Alas, the Lee-Murphy-Sanders resolution is largely symbolic. Most Senators and Congressmen are made members of the war party. Congressional leaders will never let their SJR get a vote much less pass. Nearly a century ago President Calvin Coolidge declared that 'the business of this government is business'. Today it's more appropriate to declare that 'the business of this government is criminal war'.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Meeting man Roskam omits most critical health care meetings

With his seventh election approaching, career politician Peter Roskam (Congress IL 6th) is touting his endless meetings with endless groups to show his sincerity serving the public interest. His latest constituent email offers of blizzard of meetings alone on health care, including:
Advocate Health Care
Dupage Medical Group
University of Chicago Medical Center
Autism Speaks
Midwest Center for Surgery
Alas, you'll never find a single reference in Roskam's health care resume to the numerous meetings he attended beginning in 2009 when President Obama proposed insuring the 40 million souls left out of the health insurance industry. Those meetings were with his Republican colleagues to deny, delay, defund, destroy any Obama initiative to correct the most costly and inefficient health care system in the industrialized world; one that consigns millions to poor health, bankruptcy, even death to serve the craven political interests of a politician and a party doing nothing to help the less fortunate whatsoever.