Friday, June 29, 2007


Poor Joe Lieberman. The barely Democratic Senator from Connecticut is not satisfied with one criminal military enterprise in the Middle East. Hundreds of thousands dead and injured, four million on the move to safer habitats within Iraq or neighboring countries is not enough murder and mayhem for this regular Joe.

He visits Iraq, sees the failure and disintegration of our military in full view and offers this bit of wisdom: We should consider attacking Iran. After all they are intervening in our war of aggression so why not attack them.

When it’s pointed out that we have no foot soldiers left to launch such an attack, he avers no problem: we’ll just smash them to smithereens with Shock and Awe from the air.

That’s a great idea. Then neither he nor the other war mongers who have placed our nation in such peril with their make believe heroism and manliness won’t have to stare their endless war crimes in the face.

Say it ain’t so Joe.

Originally published in Glen Ellyn News, June 29, 2007
Also published in Wheaton News Leader, July 25, 2007