Saturday, July 04, 2009


As America celebrates its 233 birthday, we should understand it's importance, not just to we Americans, but to citizens throughout the world.

We rebelled, violently, against control by a foreign power, albeit our Mother Country, England. Sadly, we forget the lesson we so enthusiastically celebrate with fireworks, in a subliminal nod to our birth in real and deadly fireworks, that people everywhere want to be free. So when we run amok around the world forcing people to live our way at the point of a gun or a smart bomb fired by fools, we should not be surprised when they push back with their own fireworks to maim and kill the young enthusiasts who do the bidding of our Masters of War.

Every country or group of people with aspirations of a national identity has their own Independence Day, whether official or ad hoc. We would be wise to honor theirs as much as we honor our own.