Monday, December 26, 2011


Am I the only antiwar American sports fan who is disgusted at the shameless commercials for our criminal wars that take place during half time or the 7th inning stretch at pro games?

With a gigantic flag waving back from the Jumbotron, and God Bless America or the National Anthem blaring from the loudspeakers, a vet is trotted out who has re-enlisted or just returned from our criminal war zone and is deified beyond all measure. The crowd goes absolutely nuts, even though not one in a thousand would pay an extra buck in taxes to fund these senseless, murderous undeclared bankrupting ventures which are destroying our country physically and spiritually.

If we cannot end the fusion of sports culture and patriotism, how about glorifying a true American patriot at Super Duper Bowl, Private Bradley Manning, who is courageously risking a life sentence or even death to get the truth out about the criminality to which he had first hand access. I'd be on my feet saluting that halftime show.