Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why Is Sen. McCain Pallin' Around With al Qaeda?

Sen. John McCain dropped hundreds of bombs on innocent Vietnamese 46 years ago and sadly, has never purged the bloodlust of senseless war out of his 76 year old body and soul. He relished both our Iraq and Afghan catastrophes that have left hundreds of thousands dead, trillion squandered and the American empire in decline. He still trumpets Iraq as a great success. He blurted out, "We are all Georgians", essentially taking sides in the Russia, Georgia border dispute in 2008, somehow missing the facts that Georgia started the dust up with Mother Russia who promptly slapped pitiful Georgia silly, and that their dispute had zero affect on US national interests.   Not too long after McCain praised Libyan tyrant Muammar Gaddafi in a much publicized visit, he pivoted and lusted over the Libya intervention that got Quadafi wacked along with 4 US diplomats in Benghazi Blowback.

Now McCain is at it again, secretly slipping into Syria for a grandstand meeting with the Syrian rebels fighting out oust Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad. McCain ignored common sense and decency as well as the Logan Act which specifically forbids such unauthorized foreign policy shenanigans by self imagined Secretaries of State. Apparently, everyone but McCain understands the rebels consists of many bad actors who would do America harm with the weapons McCain wants to give them once they've exploited their new best buddy McCain to finish off their Syrian revolution.

Sen. McCain cannot leave the public stage soon enough. He needs to quit the Senate forthwith, retreat into his Arizona bunker and while away his twilight on earth savoring the bombs he dropped, the wars he championed and the enormous damage he has done to America and the world.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jazz Pick Of The Week: Fats Waller

Thomas "Fats" Waller (1904-1943) ranks with the most talented and entertaining of all jazz greats. Large girth, larger than life personality with gigantic talent to match, Fats is known more for his incre...dibly humorous and somewhat risqué singing style than his fabulous pianism. The latter is featured on one of his rare instrumentals, "Numb Fumblin" recorded in 1929. Here Fats displays his incredibly delicate and melodic touch with no over the top vocal. Besides playing and singing Fats wrote hundreds of songs including some of the greatest of the jazz era including "Ain't Misbehaving", "Honeysuckle Rose", "Keeping out of Mischief Now", "Blue Turning Grey Over You" and I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling". This title of opposite of the playing - it's not numb, and never fumblin'.
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Sen. Mark Kirk's Support For Damaged Vets Rings Hollow

Senator Mark Kirk (War Party, IL) has much nerve sending me an email touting his efforts to relieve the unconscionable 465 day delay processing Illinois veteran disability claims. The thousands of such claims in Illinois and the other 49 states are due, in part, to Sen. Kirk's 13 years in Congress supporting our criminal wars of choice in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has voted for every one of the trillion plus dollars to fund these wars and has never, ever broken with his fellow war mongers in the war party to bring them to an end and prevent the next such catastrophic intervention, be it in Iran or Syria. If you have any doubt about Kirk's allegiance to endless war, check out the very first issue statement on his web site

American Security
... We must succeed in Afghanistan and stay on offense in the War on Terror. We cannot allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapons capability.

The horrific truth is that the war party provides such poor treatment to the hundreds of thousands of Iraq and Afghan war vets wounded, injured or suffering concussion and traumatic brain injury because they're no longer of any value to the war party's need for endless fresh canon fodder to continue current military ventures and staff the upcoming ones that they, including Sen. Kirk, salivate over.

Sen. Kirk needs to demand an end to the Afghan war before the Obama administration target date of December 21, 2014. He needs to ratchet down the bellicose rhetoric which may lead to a third senseless war in the Middle East, this time against Iran. He needs to resist efforts by the war party to intervene in the Syrian civil war. Finally, he needs to stop feigning support for our damaged vets who wouldn't be damaged if Kirk and his war monger buddies wouldn't be throwing them into the abyss of the worst form of human endeavor: senseless war.