Friday, December 08, 2006


Thanks to David E. Smith, Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute, (November 24 letters page), we know that 75 % of heartland residents in Pleasant Plains, IL oppose gay marriage. It would be interesting to know how many of those residents are divorced. If they mirror that great institution of heterosexual marriage, it would be approximately 50%. We should be encouraged by Mr. Smith's tireless efforts to prevent gay marriage since that horrible possibility could destroy enough straight marriages to raise the divorce rate to 60% or more.

Mr. Smith should be blessed with a long life of a hundred years or more. That will allow him many years to experience the enormous societal benefits that will occur when gay marriage is eventually fully legalized in the next five, ten or fifteen years.

But poor Mr. Smith may have doomed himself to spend all his precious remaining time working against the tide of history and human progress. He may even write his own epitath: "DON'T MOURN - CARRY ON TO PROTECT MARRIAGE AS WE KNEW IT".

Originally published in Glen Ellyn Sun, December 8, 2006

Thursday, December 07, 2006


The Congress should vote to cut off funds for the Iraq war.

The vote of 373 to 156 authorizing the war on October 10, 2002, reflected the deep suspicion by the 30% of Congressmen that the Bush administration was on a reckless path to unnecessary war. Many, if not most of the 70% voting to authorize military action, felt their vote would give President Bush leverage to resolve the trumped up crisis in Iraq diplomatically. Instead, they got a precipitous war. Now after forty-four months of unending failure, tens of thousands of dead and wounded Americans, hundreds of billions of squandered treasure, these Congressmen know they were duped and used.

Unfortunately, continued funding of the war prevents the Congress from simultaneously arguing that its war powers have been usurped regardless of how incompetent the war is fought and how little the Congress is consulted for guidance.

Instead of taking back their authority by de-funding the war, Congress has voted with ever increasing majorities to continue funding, preferring to avoid political suicide by an apparent vote not to support our soldiers in harm’s way. The vote just five weeks before the election approved the latest appropriation by 96% to 4%. Only two Republicans and twenty Democrats out of 516 congressmen did the right thing and opposed continued funding of our self-destructive Iraq venture.

Congress should re-visit the election which was essentially a popular referendum to end the war. Virtually no one except our eerily isolated president and his mysteriously unavailable vice president are still arguing for an endless commitment in Iraq.

A vote to de-fund the war does not disrespect or hurt our soldiers. Quite the opposite, it recognizes they are being callously used to maintain a pointless war simply to prevent the inevitable day of accountability of the people who misused them.

And it will bring them home safely.

Originally published in Glen Ellyn News, December 6, 2006
Also published in Daily Herald, December 10, 2006