Saturday, September 27, 2014

Criminal war, who's your daddy?

The war party, who threatened and goaded the government into launching Iraq War III (now including Syria).

The President, who caved into the threats and lies of the war party that he was weak and endangering America. He knows his killing of thousands with air strikes will fail but it buys him time till he can pass off the senseless slaughter to his successor, likely HRC, who never met a criminal intervention she didn't love.

Every GOP presidential aspirant, save possibly Rand Paul, who lust for control of our killing implements. Sadly, even Rand is distancing himself from his incorruptible, antiwar father.

The Congress, most of whose 535 members either love war and are too cowardly to tell the truth and oppose it.

The Fawning Corporate Media, especially the giants: NY Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, NBC, CBS, ABC and all of Cable News. They're all in bed with and compose much of the war party in ginning up new killing fields for American bombers.

The American people, hopelessly uninformed and uncaring as long as the the gravy train of obscene wealth extracted from our dying planet and from the backs of the poor holds out.

Who's your daddy, criminal war? Just about everyone.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to blow a trillion: neocon style

First: Gin up an illegal coup against elected Prez of Ukraine using neo Nazi thugs.

Second, encourage subjugation of Russian speaking folks in Eastern Ukraine.

Third, go crazy when Russian Prez Putin acts to legitimately defend Russian interests on their border from endless Western interference.

Fourth, falsely claim that Putin's restarting of the Cold War demands we re-vest in our nuclear deterrent which will cost an estimated $trillion.

Fifth, lie, lie, lie to prevent the truth of this madness from the public.

Sixth, laugh all the way to the bank with the needlessly squandered trillion as the real needs of this country get squat.