Saturday, August 10, 2019

Free Blago

The media class is going berserk over a possible Trump commutation of governor Rod Blagojevic's 14 year prison sentence for two highly cynical maneuvers as governor: threatening to hold up government projects until he could squeeze their proprietors for campaign contributions, and using an Illinois Senate vacancy as a bargaining chip for personal gain. Terrible governance, yes. But not nearly as detrimental as a president encouraging white nationalist acting out, or that same president and his party's governors trying to take health care away from 20 million given it by his predecessor. That conduct, tho technically not a punishable crime like Blago committed, is getting innocent people killed. Former president Nixon was spared jail because the political powers believed disgrace and impeachment were enough for much worse. Why not Blago? $40,000 a year to cage a twit who thumbed his nose at the political class in Illinois is a waste...and a disgrace.