Friday, April 27, 2012


John Kass's April 22nd Chicago Tribune column "Obama ladles up hot bowls of class warfare", should have come with the disclaimer "journalistic redeeming social merit".  
Here are samples of Kass's violence tinged, hyperbolic rhetoric to justify his claim the President is practicing class warfare:
 The silver spoon "is not a battle-ax to dismember your enemy, leaving his bones and meat upon the   ground"
 The silver spoon "is not a stiletto, for quick work unrecognized until it is too late"
 "President Obama, cruelly and foolishly, wielded a silver spoon in an attack on Romney"
 "His was a thrusting motion...that..revealed something desperate about our President, something     unseemly"
 "The spoon flashed as he stepped forward and tried to slip it somewhere between Romney's political ribs
 Is this serious political analysis, or is John Kass auditioning for a new career writing "bodice rippers".
Kass should have actually read the President's entire April 18th speech before the Lorain (OH) County Community College,, which contained the "silver spoon" reference. But he then would have had to respond intelligently to an eloquent and passionate appeal for investment in education, like the kind of investment that allowed the President to imagine and realize his dreams. Instead, Kass's entire column takes off from Gov. Romney's response to host Steve Doocey on GOP friendly Fox News, in which he said, "The President likes to attack fellow Americans. He's always looking for a my dad". Romney responded to Doocey's softball question in which Doocey misquotes the President by affixing these words, "Unlike some People" for the actual "Somebody gave me an education" preceding the “silver spoon” reference. The "some people" of course, is the segway for falsely linking Obama's comment to Romney. Doocey was called out for his misquote and was forced to apologize today before his two million viewers and the entire blogosphere.
Unlike Doocey, Kass didn't misquote the President, leaving off the false "Unlike some people" preface. But the disgusting and mean spirited characterization of Obama to dramatize his ludicrous charge that it was directed in a vile manner toward Romney, is much worse. It may not reach as many folks as Doocey's, but John Kass owes his readers an apology.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Senator Kirk and the Wall Street Journal are perfect partners to foment the march to a shooting war with Iran. The paper was the most ferocious media supporter for our criminal Iraq war which squandered a trillion dollars, 40% of which was borrowed from China and other war enablers, and caused millions of Iraqi deaths, injuries and refugees; as well as over 4,400 US dead and hundreds of thousands maimed, injured, or mentally broken.

To find out what a friend Kirk is to endless war mongering, visit Kirk's website: It reveals the depth, or more appropriate "shallowness" of his allegiance to the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex which glories in the power and wealth these senseless and murderous wars bring them while America crumbles both physically and spiritually. Kirk's foreign policy manta is simple...and scary. "We need to succeed in Afghanistan and stay on the offensive in the War on Terror". As a US House member for the first eight years of Iraq war, Kirk voted every one of those unfunded trillion dollars to wage it while he gave trillion dollars tax cuts to the rich to lull them into support.

Kirk would do well examining his conscious for endlessly supporting rampaging militarism around the world. He needs to let cooler and wiser heads in the Obama Administration prevail in working sensibly towards a peaceful resolution of the war party's manufactured Iranian crisis. He needs an epiphany which will spur him to abandon the war mongers who enable his lifetime Congressional career. For starters he should dialogue with his colleagues Bernie Sanders (Ind. VT) Dennis Kucinich (Dem, OH), Ron Paul (Rep. TX) and Walter Jones (Rep. NC) who stopped buying the deceit and lies of the war party early on.