Saturday, July 09, 2016

Bombing Mullims, shooting unarmed blacks produces 'blowback'

Though horrified, I'm not surprised we experienced a ghastly attack on police from a person admittedly disturbed by two near simultaneous deaths of black males appearing to pose no imminent threat to the police encountering them. Nor am I surprised we've experienced several bloody shooting massacres from persons expressing anger at endless US warfare against Muslims involved in Middle East civil warfare. Both constitute a form of 'blowback' which, once incurred, tends to produce copycat incidents within years, months or even weeks. Add to that incendiary recipe is the ability of such lone gunmen to acquire massive firepower from military style weaponry that produces nothing less than a killing field in our streets, our military bases , our nightclubs and our churches.
This should not happen in America. We must end our culture of perpetual war against peoples posing us no existential threat. We must find a way to train police better and weed out the incompetents, the criminals and the psychologically unfit who demonstrate their unfitness in video after video after video. How many hundreds, maybe thousands have died without a shred of revealed truth before the video revolution we'll never know. But now we do know nearly every new one and yet we do nothing. Our wars against the Muslim world exist in a vacuum utterly removed from any congressional, legal or citizen oversight or debate. We let the gun lobby buy up Congressmen like so many chess pieces to thwart the will of the majority repulsed by readily available weapons of mass civilian destruction.
Cable news will focus on Dallas round the clock for a few more days before returning to vacuous election news, just like they did after Orlando and San Bernardino and Ft. Hood. But our perpetual wars and perpetual senseless police killings have the next incidence of blowback lurking just around the corner.

Friday, July 08, 2016

The last should be first

It was a matter of state pride that the Land of Lincoln was the last of the 50 to legalize conceal carry. That pride was shattered when Illinois caved in to the the gun fanatics, the gun manufacturers and their lobbyists to end that distinction. Illinois can regain a measure of pride by being the first to rescind conceal carry. Guns have no legal or moral place on amateurs in the public square.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

A blank check that killed thousands

Quote of the Day
"I will be with you, whatever." 
- Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to President George W 
Bush, eight months before the US-British invasion of Iraq.
A shaken, chastened Blair faced the cameras yesterday and apologized for the 'mistakes' he made in his support of the war, in response to the 2.6 million word Chilcot Report, seven years in the making, offering a devastating assessment of Blair's involvement.
The question for the day is: Where is the US version of the Chilcot Report? Unlike the Brits, Americans are still searching the blowing wind.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

US flack channels Baghdad Bob over ISIS

Remember Baghdad Bob? Muhammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, was Iraq's Minister of Information during our 2003 criminal Iraqi invasion. US warmongers loved to laugh at his hilariously rosy proclamations of Iraq's pitiful defense against American invaders. "They're not within 100 miles of Baghdad...They're not anyplace...This is an illusion", Baghdad Bob beamed into the camera as the split screen showed the real Baghdad burning.
US Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken has been doing his best Baghdad Bob imitation over horrendous ISIS bombings that have left hundreds dead around the world. After 215 were killed and 175 wounded in, guess where, Baghdad, destabilizing America's puppet government there, Blinken didn't blink as he told the camera, "Bombings themselves are a signal of America's military success....the US is beating ISIS by every single measure."
Blinken is far from the first to lie to us about the failure of perpetual warfare in the Middle East and Africa that has no chance of ending the civil wars there we ignited with our military madness. Remember when unindicted US war criminal Dick Cheney, when asked about the horrific insurgency killing thousands of Iraqis and US soldiers, replied, "The level of activity that we see today from a military standpoint, I think, will clearly decline. I think they're in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency."
Baghdad Bob, Vice, Tony Blinken are all reprising the only thing you need to know about the masters of perpetual war: "Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?"b

Monday, July 04, 2016

CDC issues public health advisory for Illinois residents

The Center of Disease Control in Atlanta has issued a public health advisory for all 12,880,580 Illinois residents. A virulent new strain of virus has been reeking havoc on them. The CDC has named it the RRV, short for Rauner Retro Virus, after the first resident who came down with it. Apparently, the virus attacks the soul of the sufferer rather than the physical body. In its first victim it produced hallucinations which led the the self made billionaire to spend $27 million of his fabulous wealth to buy the Illinois governorship in order to implement a delusional economic agenda he promised would turn Illinois into an economic nirvana. It consisted of cutting funding, tossing cash strapped students off campus; ending many social welfare programs for the most vulnerable, including day care so poor women could actually work to support their families. It demanded a reduction in the Illinois minimum wage to the even further federal poverty level, and demanding state workers and union members give back some of their barely adequate middle class wages to entice more billionaires to invest in Illinois. All small businesses serving the state are given R.B.'s instead of cash. These are known as Rauner Bucks.
A milder form of RRV afflicted a staggering total of 1,823,627 Illinoisans who became hypnotized by its most virulent sufferer, elevating him to the governorship in 2014. There is no known cure for its namesake. Those afflicted with the milder form are being treated with truth, moral clarity and a smidgen of humor. Alas, it will not be known if their cure is effective till November 6, 2018.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

What really bugs Roskam about Trump

My Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-6) sure has a bizarre way of expressing concern over the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. 

Is he concerned over Trump's racism, xenophobia and misogyny? No.

Is he concerned over Trump's slash and burn personal attacks against his Republican primary opponents and now Hillary Clinton? No. 

Is he concerned over Trump's relentless lying which has the Trump fact checkers working overtime? No. 

Is he concerned over Trump personally mocking a disabled reporter? No. 

Is he concerned over the flood of white nationalists jumping on the Trump bandwagon? Oh contraire.  Roskam loves the fact that Trump is bringing 'new' voters into the Republican camp. 

Well, pray tell. What does concern the Congressman? 

Roskam is upset that Trump appears to support Planned Parenthood. The thought of women having any say in their reproductive health never has and never will be a Roskam priority. To Roskam, all those other concerns over Trump's candidacy are just noise.