Friday, February 15, 2008


Congressman Roskam's comments about his recent trip to Afghanistan (GE Sun, Feb 1, 2008) serve as a textbook example of political doublespeak allowing the author to evade the overwhelmingly important issues regarding our two senseless and failed wars in the Middle East.

These wars, launched with lies, propaganda and endless deception are draining our treasury faster than you can say "recession". Their cost will exceed one trillion and possibly as much as two trillion dollars, before they are mercifully ended. They have smashed our credibility and moral standing throughout the world, and most likely inspire many times more new anti-American terrorists than they obliterate. Meanwhile our infrastructure crumbles, education languishes, fifty million struggle without medical care in the western world's most inefficient health care system, good jobs flee to hungry countries like China and India, and hundreds of billions annually are funneled into the oil producers coffers.

Yet the Congressman mechanically votes another ten to twelve billion dollars every month to keep these failed operations thriving. He should realize the the "virus" is not in the Taliban. They are making gains in Afghanistan because the common folks are fed up with the utterly corrupt puppet government we installed and the countless dead and wounded civilians our smart bombs launched by fools create. The virus Roskam speaks of actually exists in the war party which used September 11 to launch their grandiose wars of conquest which backfired on them. It also exists in the misguided Senators and Representatives like Congressman Roskam who squander the national nest egg of this and future generations on this madness.

He could of learned this by recognizing the truth right in front of his eyes instead of wasting our diminishing tax dollars on a fantasy tour of the killing fields we created.

Originally published in Glen Ellyn Sun, February 15, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008


During the Vietnam War President Johnson boasted that American economic might could supply both guns and butter, meaning he could prosecute the Vietnam War and ambitious social programs to lift up tens of millions from poverty. Johnson’s foolish war policies failed the poor, divided the country, drove him from office and broke him personally.

The current President suffers no such similar ambition or self doubt. His new 3,1 trillion dollar 2009 budget, simply funnels money from domestic and social programs to his failed wars in the Middle East, and every new weapons program the Military Industrial Complex can conger up.

Fond of nicknames, the President has christened it his “Guns and Guns” budget.

Originally published in Chicago Sun Times, February 10, 2008
Also published in Wheaton Sun, March 7, 2008
Also published in Glen Ellyn Sun, March 7, 2008