Friday, December 07, 2007


Democrats and progressives must be geographically challenged.

They are clueless of the existence and location of the evil nation of Islamofascia. While Republicans and conservatives are running around with their hair on fire heralding our impending doom at the hands of their citizens known as Islamofascists, the former have yet to utter their name.

Could Islamofascia be another delusional dream of the right to whip up enough hysteria to keep their perpetual war party in office for another four excruciating years? Islamofascists sound as real as Saddam Hussein’s equally dangerous WMD that led to their trillion dollar war with its million dead Iraqis and a few thousand dead Americans, as well. The boogeyman of Iraq WMD is discredited but the Islamofascist boogeyman is growing daily.

The Republicans’ lock-step invocation of the Islamofascist threat, fortunately, is shattered by the one sane Republican candidate for President, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas. The remaining seven Republicans, who bark out the Islamofascist threat like Pavlov’s Dog whenever the national security question is raised at Republican debates, appear like the fools they are when Paul speaks truth to fantasy.

Maybe if we sent these folks on a fact finding junket to Islamofascia, they might return from a very short trip realizing it exists in the narrow space between their ears.

Originally published in Glen Ellyn News, December 7, 2007