Monday, April 28, 2008


While the endless American quagmire in Iraq consumes most of our squandered military manpower and treasure, most Americans are oblivious of the second endless quagmire that continues its waste of military manpower and treasure in Afghanistan.

That war now in its seventh year of futility is rapidly approaching its 500th American military death. Last year was the deadliest yet for Afghans, with over 8,000 dead including 1,500 civilians. NATO member countries, most of which have only token forces to supplement our 32,000 military presence, are balking at administration efforts to provide more cannon fodder for this futile venture. They know the losing proposition we face there and are looking to reduce their presence, not increase it.

Military powers such as England and Russia have previously found out for themselves the impossibility of conquering and ruling a nation that as poor as it is, simply won’t be dominated. The puppet President Hamid Karzai, who we maneuvered into office several years ago, is derisively called the Mayor of Kabul to signify how little control he exercises over Afghanistan.

As America sinks into a recession caused in part by endless and wasteful wars, Osama bin Laden, the target of our original invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, is most likely long gone from the nation we so recklessly and foolishly invaded what seems like a lifetime ago. In helping tip America into an economic nosedive from which it may never recover, bin Laden must be smacking his lips in glee over our willingness to self destruct.

The Bush war party failed to learn the painful lesson to be wary of what you wish for. You just might get it.

Originally published in Daily Herald, April 28, 2008