Sunday, October 29, 2006


I am not a Democrat; I am not a Republican. In ’92, I voted for Bush; in ’96, for Clinton. I could not vote for GW, because I think that no one with a twenty year history of alcohol abuse should merit the presidency which requires undamaged brain cells. I have voted for Hyde, but this year I’m voting for Duckworth.

Shortly after the holidays, our nephew will begin his second tour of duty in Iraq. He and our 140,000 troops there deserve representatives like Tammy who have fought in this war, who have suffered severe personal injury, and who understand it. What good is Roskam’s legislative experience when, if elected, he assuredly will vote like a good Republican “yes” man? Furthermore, Tammy has proven her strength of character by running for Congress in spite of her physical disabilities. That’s the kind of strength needed in Washington.

By the way, I am also voting for Judy Topinka, because I want moderate Republicans to regain control of their party which currently defies our founding fathers’ belief in the separation of Church and state. If the religious right maintains its control of Congress, we are surely headed for an unenlightened dark age of Christian fundamentalism.

Mary Ann Zlotow, Originally published in Chicago Tribune Web Blog, Octber 25, 2006