Friday, May 22, 2015

Rauner's 'Turnaround Agenda' only produced nausea

Amateur Governor Bruce Rauner has been popping Dramamine pills like Lifesavers as his 'Turnaround Fantasy Tour' only produced trouble in Tummy Town. Just 35 of 1,400 hundred municipal governments and county boards jumped on Rauner's carnival stunt 'Tilt-A-Whirl' to pass resolutions supporting his anti union, anti worker agenda. And most of those were cities under 10,000 or counties under 50,000 folks. Heeding to the straight and clear headed, Ottawa passed it's own resolution specifically forbidding local 'Right To Work' zones, eliminating 'Fair Share' Union' payments for non-union workers, and undermining competitive wage scales, all of which degrade the middle class. But till vertigo set in, Rauner spun like top, making 62 stops in 52 cities between February 4 and May 8. During that time Rauner avoided the most important task of his new administration: offering sensible legislation to resolve Illinois's financial crisis greatly worsened by his refusal to support fair taxation; indeed any taxation at all unless it benefits his bloated and wealthy base. Governor Rauner ain't' seen nothing yet. His self induced nausea still has three years and seven months of spinning to go.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nebraska can't sell its lethal injection drugs to Saudi Arabia

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts just squandered $55,000 of Cornhusker Cash to procure drugs to kill Nebraskans likely never to die from Ricketts' love of state sponsored murder. That's because Nebraska's unicameral legislature (America's one and only) just voted 32 to 15 to abolish the death penalty. Ricketts has vowed a veto, but if the 32 hold together, they will override Ricketts' death dance and make Nebraska the 19th state to join most civilized countries that have abolished capitol punishment.

If Ricketts' veto is overridden, maybe he should renounce his citizenship and emigrate to Saudi Arabia. With over six months to go they've just lopped off their 85th human head of people offending the regime, just 3 shy of last years 88. Things are so tough they're advertising for additional headchoppers, a gig Ricketts might consider. The Saudi's, Uncle Sam's best buddy in the Middle East, let the blood gush in public; no sissy lethal drug cocktails for their condemned.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

US gets Sayyaf; ISIS gets Ramadi

Poor Uncle Sam can't even get 48 hours of phony pro ISIS war propaganda from killing touted ISIS bigwig Abu Sayyaf, before ISIS trumps Uncle by grabbing Ramadi, Iraq's second largest city. To add insult to injury, the ISIS dudes scarfed up 100 US tanks, including M1A1 Abrams, American's finest, to add to their collection of US killing goodies they've been gifted with by phantom Iraqi military, whose battle motto is: "See...and flee."

Our un-o...fficial but losing war against ISIS is a travesty. We've stuck our pompous, self righteous and self destructive noses into yet another civil war 10,000 miles from home that can't be won and doesn't need to be fought. One group getting pleasure from this madness includes sociopathic war mongers like Sen. Lindsay Graham, who said this to suspected terrorists: “I’m not going to call a judge; I’m going to call a drone and kill you.” The other group are the munitions makers, inhaling untold billions while America's infrastructure crumbles.

To counter this bad news our wayward Uncle will no doubt stage another unlawful incursion into Syrian sovereignty to bring out another ISIS head on a pike.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Forget 'Right To Work'; Rauner's succeeding at 'Right To Fail'

Newbie Illinois governor Bruce Rauner may have had the worst first 100 gubernatorial days in Illinois history. He spent $26 million of his own billionaire wealth promoting his bust the unions, reduce aid to the needy, lavish tax cuts on the wealthy program to get elected. Those who assumed he was just posturing to get elected, before pivoting to actually compromise on sensible solutions for Illinois, have been woefully mistaken. Once sworn in Rauner redoubled his extreme ideological campaign mantra that has alienated not only the general electorate, save for the greedy rich, but most of the General Assembly as well. Rauner is so pathetic, he's reduced to dropping $400 grand last week on Republican legislators, out of his $20 million 'spread the goodies' slush fund, to keep the nervous troops in line. Sadly for Illinois, Rauner remains trapped in his billionaire venture capitalist mindset that he can dismantle Illinois governance like he could the many good companies, whose employees had to suffer to pile up his billionaire wealth. Rauner's 'My way or the highway' approach is nothing more than a potholed road to ruin. And the tires on his gubernatorial luxury limo have already gone flat.