Thursday, September 04, 2014

Russia starting Ukraine fighting like US starting WWII

It in no more truthful to claim, as the American war party does, that Russian President Putin initiated the crisis and fighting in Ukraine, than it is to claim the US initiated attacks on Japan to start WWII. Yet, this is precisely what the entire US war party does without a hint of shame for their duplicity, or conception of the damage they do to America's true national interests and true cause of world peace and prosperity. Last year the US instigated an immoral, indeed a criminal revolt against the elected Ukraine leaders, using in part, neo-Nazi Ukraine thugs, that not only toppled the legitimate Ukraine government, but ignited a civil war against this illegitimate coup by persecuted Russian speaking citizens in Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine, like Humpty Dumpy, is now broken and possibly beyond repair. Thousands lay dead. America and its European poodles initiate economic sanction after sanction which mainly hurt European interests, and US warmongers recklessly threaten and goad a heavily armed nuclear power that till our senseless Ukraine adventure, had proved to be a sensible ally in defusing military flashpoints in Iran and Syria. The war party may be evil but it is not stupid. A strong working relationship with Russia and their sensible, realistic president, puts the war party out of business. That's one outfit that should bypass Chapter 11 and go straight to Chapter 7: liquidation.

No tears for Transvaginal Bob

Today's guilty verdict in the public corruption trial of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell insures he will never again be in a position of power to demean and degrade unfortunate Virginia women simply seeking to exercise their reproductive rights. In March, 2012, Gov. McDonnell signed a bill he supported requiring women to undergo a transabdominal ultrasound procedure at least 24 hours before having an abortion. The original version of the bill, which McDonnell also supported, would have mandated the more invasive, painful and utterly unnecessary transvaginal ultrasound instead. The bill and the procedure were simply McDonnell's way of currying favor with his anti choice, anti women conservative base. Ironically, McDonnell became the subject of a probe that will inflict infinitely longer grief than that to which he subjected Virginia abortion seekers. A year long probe of McDonnell conspiring with his wife to acquire $170,000 in goodies from a shady businessman seeking gubernatorial help with his snake oil health care supplement business, will send McDonald to prison and end his political career. Sobs were heard when the verdict was read, but we don't know if they were from McDonnell or his wife. There certainly won't be any from the needy women of Virginia.

Monday, September 01, 2014

American war mongering hypocracy at its finist

News Item:
"The rebels who killed him (American Douglas McAuthur McCain fighting for ISIS in Syria) were fighting for the Free Syrian Army, a rival group backed by the United States, and they went on to behead six ISIS fighters – but not Mr. McCain – and then posted the photographs on Facebook." - NY Times, Aug. 26, 2014

Apparently, when one of our newest bogeymen in ISIS beheads a good guy, we trumpet that barbarity to bomb, bomb, bomb in another senseless, and ultimately failed Middle East intervention. But when our proxy army starts beheading these bogeymen, we say "Fine, fine" and give them more money and weapons, including no doubt, razor sharp swords.