Wednesday, August 13, 2014


It's official. Marian Tomlinson has been certified by the DuPage County Election Commission to be a Write-In Candidate for state rep in IL District 48. Tea Partier Pete Breen went RINO (Republican In Name Only) hunting and knocked off moderate Republican Sandy Pihos in the GOP Primary. Then Tea Party Pete knocked Marian off the Democratic ballot ...on a technicality, frustrating choice in District 48 so he could coast into the IL Legislature without breaking a sweat. Start sweating, Tea Party Pete.

Marian has decided to give the 73,000 registered voters in District 48 a choice by running as a Write-In candidate. She will wage a vigorous grass roots campaign which involves a dedicated team of precinct workers contacting every District 48 voter in the 102 precincts in Milton, York, Lisle and Downers Grove Townships. We will have campaign material ready for the first precinct canvass to begin after Labor Day, 60 days from Election Day. It will inform voters of Marian's splendid record of community service, and her willingness to listen to and represent fairly, the district electorate, in stark contrast to her opponent. It will also educate voters how to write Marian Tomlinson in on the November ballot to send a sensible, inclusive voice to Springfield.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Et tu, Hillary?

Hillary Clinton has joined the bandwagon of neocons, war lovers and American exceptionalists piling on President Obama for the 'restraint' he's shown in foreign affairs. Clinton senses that it's good politics for her upcoming presidential bid to project bellicose toughness whether expanding NATO to Russia's doorstep in Ukraine, arming and enabling Israeli genocide in Gaza, supporting Syrian rebels, and now resuming the bombing and destruction in Iraq.  Her recent cheap shot at Obama: “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.” should make us all tremble at her getting control of our out of control war machinery.  Clinton voted for our criminal, failed Iraq war and never repudiated her vote or apologized for helping create millions of dead, injured or displaced Iraqis, as well as hundreds of thousands of dead and damaged American canon fodder. While the neocons, war lovers and American exceptionalists would still prefer a more bloodthirsty war monger like every GOP presidential hopeful except Rand Paul, they take heart that a likely Hillary presidency will keep the money pouring into war party coffers and the blood pouring out of the people they hate. Clinton doesn't have the courage or the humanity to repulse the war party on her quest to be the first woman president. It's ironic that her quest involves channeling the worst impulses in the male species.