Saturday, December 18, 2010


Although many in the US government and general populous want Julian Assange assassinated, jailed or at least silenced, I support his efforts to unveil the secrecy of my government which has spent a good deal of my 66 years running amok on the world stage in support of American exceptionalism for the enrichment and power of the war party.

The secrecy of our senseless fourteen year involvement in Vietnam (1961-1975) was finally punctured in 1971 when US intelligence official Daniel Ellsberg risked a lifetime in jail to expose the lies used to maintain this war in his release of the Pentagon Papers. The Nixon Administration tried to destroy Ellsberg but only succeeded in beginning their own destruction by burgling his psychiatrist's office; a crime spree that ended with Watergate.

While the Vietnam War killed over a million Vietnamese and 58,000 Americans, it was just a blip of insanity on the American economic juggernaught during the 1960's and 1970's. But the insanity of our Middle East wars is infinitely more damaging to a homeland which has already passed its prime as an innovative economic power. Even the most morally blind of us should realize we are sinking, and hell bent to emulate the Soviet collapse with our endless and bankrupting wars.

With a mercenary military composed of deluded youngsters, war lovers or folks who simply can't get a job in a crumbling economy, America's wars, unlike Vietnam, are bleeding us dry out of the glare of mass student protests and national malaise. They are as silent a killer to the American body politic as high blood pressure is to the individual.

Julian Assange has released more than a few hundred thousand documents. He has released a little bit of that national high blood pressure and maybe delayed the upcoming American stroke for a bit.

Always trust a good doctor, Uncle Sam; and Julian Assange, who may not possess an MD, has a PHd in courage. He might just save your life.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


In 1954, an 18 year old John McCain entered Annapolis beginning a 56 year career of military and political governmental service.

If 74 year old McCain could start over today as that 18 year old seeking to enter service, he might just decide against Uncle Sam's bravest as we are closing in on allowing gays to serve openly. A majority of our citizenry, our politicians and now even our military grunts and leaders favor dropping Don't Ask, Don't Tell which would allow such open service. McCain, who two years ago opined he would back such a move if the military brass supported it, has changed his mind and almost single handedly sabotaged the recent, long overdue effort to repeal this bizarre relic of homophobia in our military.

McCain appears oblivious to the fact that 38 countries, including virtually all democracies and friends of America allow gays to serve openly. If our imaginary 18 year old McCain really wanted to serve in a gay free military, not contemplating change, here are a few of his choices: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Venezuela and Syria.

Which one would you feel comfortable serving in, Mr. McCain?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Incoming House Speaker John Boehner babbled like a new born baby throughout his 60 Minutes interview yesterday because he is, as his wife explained for the choked up Speaker, dealing with the emotionalism having gone from a poor kid who mopped floors to get an education, to third in line to the Presidency. When reminded of his incredible journey, Boehner burbled a barely audible "Welcome to America".

Boehner has spent the last twenty years in Congress gaining that wealth and power on the backs of his working class brothers and sisters who have not only been ignored by his governing mantra, they have been made to pay for the unconscienable wealth being inexorably funneled from the working folks to the super duper rich. Investment in Amercian jobs to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and create a green energy economy? No. Trillions for senseless wars and senseless tax cuts for the super duper rich? Yes. Encouragement to outsource millions of American jobs to pump up the wealth of his already wealthy supporters and donators? Absolutely.

If Boehner would spend a little less time honing his tan at exclusive golf courses and a little more time communing with the millions of suffering unemployed and underemployed, he would shed tears not currently associated with that slimy reptile in the swamp.