Saturday, October 22, 2016

Uncle Sams needs curable cannabis to cure dopiness

194 million Americans, 60% of our populous, live in the 25 states plus DC allowing medical cannabis for pain and other health issues. 17 million, 5%, live in the 4 states plus DC allowing cannabis for fun. Yet all those folks violate federal law against possession and use of cannabis. Just this year the fed rejected taking cannabis off the Class One drug list intended for hard drugs causing horrific health problems with no medical benefits. That's just nuts.

In two weeks, five more states, California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine will likely add fun to the medicinal benefits of muggles, bumping the 17 million to 67 million. Three more states, North Dakota, Florida and Arkansas will opt for pot to improve wellness.
How sad it is Uncle Sam is lagging behind the states, even now the recalcitrant red ones, when it comes to drug legalization of what is not only not dangerous, but highly medically beneficial. One enormous benefit from fully legalizing and controlling cannabis distribution is reduced likelihood of getting tainted or spiked stuff, always a danger on the black market.

Uncle Sam should prescribe himself some curable cannabis to rid himself of the horribly racist and fear mongering past of cannabis criminalization. Throughout our history, the federal government has led the way over states in matters of public health, justice and social welfare. But when it comes to cannabis sanity, it's Uncle Sam who's still nodding off while the states are acting with insight, clarity, compassion and good cheer.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Shoe finally on other foot

Digesting third debate it occurred to me...this is the first time in his 70 plus years The Donald has been assaulted by a woman. As newly minted Nobel Lit Prize winner Bob Dylan might say, "How does it feeeeeel?"

Stunning US hypocrisy over Aleppo and Mosul

US Secretary of State John Kerry accuses Russia of war crimes for bombing Syrian rebels in Aleppo, charging they're killing innocent women and children. Coordinated Russian and Syrian government bombing there is intended to take back Aleppo from rebels who've made life intolerable for its citizens. A rebel victory in all of Syria portends massive slaughter of Christians, Alewites, Shi'ites and government loyalists.
Using that logic our Uncle Sam is just as big a war criminal for its coordinated bombing of Mosul in Iraq with the Iraqi government to take back that rebel stronghold from Islamic State. We're in the process of getting many innocents killed over the next few months it will take to retake Mosul...if in fact we can. If we do the prize of victory well be a devastated former city with thousands of dead and wounded innocents, just like what Russia and the Syrian government will acquire in a successful retaking of Aleppo.
US media is in the tank for our criminal Uncle, slanting every Aleppo story as one of Russian criminality getting innocents slaughtered. But every story on Mosul is how the brave folks suffering under Islamic State can't wait for America's rescue..even if it levels their city and gets them killed.
At least Russia is truly fighting Islamic State. We're arming and encouraging Islamic State's civil war in Syria because our priority is regime change in Syria to weaken Iran on behalf of our true friends in the region: Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.
Don't believe one word from our renegade Uncle and his puppets in mainstream media on our criminal Middle East wars. They lie endlessly and we absorb their lies like the compliant sponges we've become. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

62 dead Syrian soldiers just a boo-boo to US war party

On September 17 US air strikes killed 62 Syrian soldiers and wounded over 100. The Pentagon trotted out their best Steve Martin mask, complete with arrow going thru the head and bellowed "Excuuuuse Me." This essentially derailed cooperation between the US and Russia to end the violence in Syria that has devastated that sorrowful land. Russia is aiding its neighbor and ally Syria defeat the terrorist rebels seeking overthrow of President Assad. Besides assisting the duly elected Syrian government, Russia has a vested interest in stopping Islamic terrorists on its doorstep. The US is also playing a double game here: stopping the advance of Islamic State while inflicting regime change in Syria with what it fantasizes are 'moderate' rebels. Memo to Uncle Sam: moderates in Syria don't exist. Much or our support goes to the very folks we are trying to eradicate. In Syria we're more truly interested in Syrian regime change and poking the Russian Bear than stopping Islamic State.  

The US has no business inflicting regime change on Syria and aiding terrorists in the process.  We have no business ratcheting up tensions with the only nation that could destroy us with nuclear weapons. Regime change in Afghanistan failed. Regime change in Iraq failed. Regime change in Libya failed. Regime change in Ukraine failed. But regime change in Syria will not only could lead to nuclear war. 

Forget the pig circus of a presidential campaign. Demand an end to America's failed interventions in the Middle East. Demand an end to demonizing Russia. Demand an end to control of every presidential administration, military and media by the war party.   

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Republican Party after Donald Trump

The Trib editorial, 'The Republican Party after Donald Trump' is stunning in its denial of the moral rot destroying the GOP. Claiming "It was neither the immigration-bashing party nor the party of intolerance, misogyny, exclusion. Those are Trump traits. Republican values embrace equal opportunity for all — including, yes, the women, ethnic minorities and many others whom Trump has slandered and would ostracize." But those are precisely the traits of the 13,300,000 Republican Trump voters, 47% of the 28,600,000 who voted for the four top serious contenders. Racism, xenophobia, sexism, bullying, threats of violence are standard fare for these Trump voting Republicans who finally got a Republican they could back with missionary zeal. They have turned on the moderate Republicans like House Speaker Ryan and Illinois Senator Mark Kirk who want nothing to do with Trump. The Trib Editorial Board is delusional if it thinks Trump's looming thrashing will purge the party of these plurality traits given that they have no where to go, except wait for the next Republican demagogue to emerge. To say "Trump might have won this election if it had been held two months ago" is ludicrous. All his traits of racism, xenophobia, misogyny, bullying, intemperance and intellectual laziness were on full display to all from the start of his scorched earth Primary campaign he began in June, 2015.
To equate the Clinton-Sanders Democratic divide with the Trump-sane Republicans divide is equally preposterous. With Sanders' strong backing Clinton continues to peel off disgruntled Sanders voters who realize the stakes in stopping a neo-fascist and moral degenerate are too high to stay home.
While the Trib gushes about the roll the Republicans are on in capturing 23 state governments, those Republican Banana Republics roll over the middle class, the needy, women's reproductive health, minority voters and the hapless sick denied Medicaid. That, Ivory Trib Tower pundits, is not something to gloat about; its something to hang your collective heads in shame over.
The Trib looks forward to Trump's defeat so Republicans can start digging out of the "rubble" and begin heading home. Pathetically, they'll be led by the energized 13,300,000 who want another racist, xenophobe, misogynist, bully, and verbal bomb-thrower to lead the way.